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10 Ways To Focus On Brain Fitness

Like any other organ or muscle in our body, our brains need exercising – and physical exercise, as we know, is an excellent way of doing this as blood, and therefore oxygen, is pumped around the brain feeding all the cells with exactly what they need. Here are 10 ways to focus on brain fitness, which are short and sweet but well worth a read. They may be particularly applicable to retirees or people out of work but still read them if you don’t fit one of those categories!

10 Ways To Focus On Brain Fitness

How To Keep Your Brain Fit1) Keep up with current events. Watching or reading the news can really make your mind work.

2) Play a stimulating game. Crosswords and Scrabble are two games that make you use your brain to do some problem-solving on a different level. They even have apps for that!

3) Ditch the calculators and other cheats and use your brain for the stuff you learned in school.

4) Do logic puzzles. Anagrams and other logic puzzles are a great way to pass the time while you’re drinking your morning coffee. They use a part of your brain you don’t always get to use.

5) Get out into your garden. While gardening is often manual work, the manual labor takes your mind offline to make you to think, really think, about things that are going on in your life.

6) Do some yoga. Yoga has long been touted as being amazing for your body, allowing for tons of relaxation and stretching. Did you know it’s also good for your mind? Yoga allows us to relax and engage with our innermost thoughts.

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Of these 10 ways to focus on brain fitness, I’d have to say, I’m not fully convinced by the first point. Whilst I think it is necessary to keep up to date with current events, the majority of the news is negative. Try it yourself – pick up a newspaper and read the first few pages. Circle everything that is negative in red, and everything that is positive in green. If we’re faced with negativity like this on a daily basis, it has a negative effect on our outlook, and it’s been proven to counter productive. When I was having trouble sleeping, I was advised to stop watching the news, my chiropractor told me to stop watching the news – and I keep on reading about successful people who advise not to read or watch the news. What’s your view? I say, the most important snippets a couple of days a week, otherwise, ditch it.

On a lighter note, if you read the whole article, you’ll have seen that green tea is mentioned. Green tea as far as I’m concerned, is a magic potion. It has so many benefits it’s ridiculous, so many that I drink it all day long and have stopped drinking normal breakfast tea and coffee. I think it’s actually better for you than water!