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Ways To Focus On Your Creative Side

This article by Sarah Sielinski really caught my attention as it highlights some totally original, yet proven ways to focus on your creative side. We’ve all heard about the light bulb moment you can have in the shower. It’s obviously not just the shower, but anywhere away from your normal place of work, be it the bath tub, going for a run, driving etc.  As you’ll see in the following excerpt, the idea of allowing your mind to wander can encourage creativity.

Ways To Focus On Your Creative Side

Ways To Focus On Your Creative SideDowntime also seems to reset the brain. In an upcoming study in Psychological Science, Schooler and his colleagues gave volunteers creativity problems followed by a period of rest. During that rest period, some were assigned a demanding task that kept the brain fully occupied, while a second group got a simpler task that allowed for mind wandering. A third group was given no task at all. Afterward, they all went back to try to complete the original problems. Those who could let their minds wander during the resting time were more likely to solve the creativity problems.

Researchers aren’t quite sure why mindless tasks help the creative process, Schooler says, but it could be that such tasks allow two different brain networks that aren’t usually turned on at the same time to be active. Schooler says: “It’s possible that there’s some opportunity for cross talk that’s useful.”

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If you read the whole article on ways to focus on your creative side, then you’ll have seen that there were also suggestions to work in a blue room, live abroad, watch a funny video and to sleep on it.  Who’d have thought that working in a blue room could induce creativity? And a red room could induce anxiety which apparently helps with focus? Living abroad was an interesting one. Perhaps if you lived abroad, worked in a blue room, watched funny videos, and slept in the bath you’d be as creative as is humanly possible?