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How To Double The Performance Of Your Brain – Part 4/4

Here’s the finale of how to double the performance of your brain. It’s all about acting quickly on impulse suggestions that your super conscious mind sends to you – or “super conscious insight.” Everyone has these impulse suggestions, but many people procrastinate and then the timing has gone for the ideas to be initiated. According to the narrator there are countless people who have made fortunes from acting on impulses, regardless of how intelligent or their level of education. They trust their instincts and these instincts move them forward.

The finale of how to double the performance of your brain is once again in tune with what Tony Robbins says about focusing on what you want, and never on what you don’t have, or don’t want. Only think about what you want to happen, never fear, never dwell and focus only on what you want to achieve. Any thought, plan, goal or idea held continuously in the conscious mind must be brought into reality by the super conscious mind whether positive or negative. This is why it is so incredibly important for us to focus on our goals, what we want to happen, and to visualise only on that which we wish to come into our lives and to never, ever, focus on the negative thoughts.


How To Double The Performance Of Your Brain (Part 3/4)

The third in the series of how to double the performance of your brain explains more of Napoleon Hill’s advice to have absolute confidence and belief that you will be successful in whatever your goals may be. Through this absolute belief, the super conscious mind will work with you in reaching your goals. We can program our goal and target into our mind and as long as we have crystal clear clarity as to what it is that we want to accomplish, we can fire a ‘mental torpedo’ into the air, and the super conscious mind will do whatever is necessary to get through hurdles, set backs, mistakes so we can learn from them and move forward.

What did you think of part 3 of How to Double The Performance Of Your Brain? According to Napoleon Hill with every set back or obstacle there is a seed of an equal or opposite or greater advantage or benefit. The successful person looks for the advantage or benefit in any situation – which may be described as the benefit of hindsight.

The super conscious apparently functions works in two ways; when the conscious mind is working 100% on solving problems and working towards your goal and also when the brain is not involved in anything related to reaching that certain goal, and highlights the ‘shower’ moment, or light bulb moments when you’re not engaged in the related task and ideas come to mind in crystal clear clarity.

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7 Ways To Focus On Boosting Brain Power

The topic on how to improve your brain is becoming increasingly popular – and necessary.  Here are 7 ways to focus on boosting brain power, which I have excerpted from cbs42.com and are well worth a few minutes of your time to digest. .

7 Ways To Focus On Boosting Brain Power

7 ways to focus on boosting brain powerFirst, focus on focusing! Play word games or Sudoku.

Learn a new language.

Read books and magazines and discuss them with others.

Schulz adds, ‘It turns out that even focusing on a complicated TV show or a movie then talking about it, is a way of improving your attention span as well.”

But don’t over do it. Prevention.com reports every hour of TV people between 40 and 59 watch increases their risk of dementia by 1.3%.

Schulz says doing things to prevent heart attack and stroke like lowering blood pressure and controlling cholesterol can also significantly reduce your risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

“It makes a huge difference in terms of your risk of having worse cognition as you get older.”

According to the Walnut Study published in the British Journal of Nutrition college students who ate two ounces of walnuts daily, which equals about 28 walnut halves, improved reasoning skills.

Carrots, celery and green peppers are rich in Luteolin which can help protect you from dementia, and new research shows these berries’ antioxidants can keep your memory sharp.

Read the full story here

Of these 7 ways to focus on boosting brain power, I particularly appreciated the advice to focus on focusing – quite fitting! Interesting to hear that an hour a day of TV for those between 40 and 59 increases the risk of dementia by 1.3% – another reason not to watch the news and reality TV shows (I’m not sure which is worse for your mind).  Happy to hear that there are Wulnut Studies in the world.  If you’ve read some articles on this site about brain food, you’ll have seen that nuts are regarded as a high quality brain food.