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13 Ways To Focus And Beat Distractions At Work

If you struggle to focus at work, it may be down to a lack of interest in the particular task, or that you’re not sold on it, or it may be down to the fact that you’re surrounded by what appears to be an endless stream of distractions. Here are 13 ways to focus and beat distractions at work written by Laura Schwecherl for Heathland Time and Greatest.com.  Some of these tips you’ll have seen before, such as planning ahead, eating breakfast, meditation etc, but there are quite a few additional, and somewhat original points that are well worth considering.
Ways To Focus And Beat Distractions At Work
  • Pinpoint the problem. What causes you to lose focus? Is it fatigue, hunger or a Twitter addition? Figuring out the issue is the first step toward trying to fix it.
  • Plan ahead. Envision what the workday will look like before it happens. Write down what things need to get done or what you want to accomplish. Setting goals can help people stay on track.
  • Eat a good breakfast. A bowl of oatmeal may do more than jump start metabolism. Studies have found that eating breakfast can improve attention and concentration, too. Here’s what the experts say you should eat in the morning.
  • Meditate. Scientists have discovered that meditation may enhance certain brain functions linked to attention. It can’t hurt to try shutting everything off to get more done in the long run.
  • Work offline. One survey found nearly 60% of disruptions at work come from email, social networks and cell phones. So for tasks that don’t involve the Internet, try using old-fashioned paper and pen — perfect for brainstorming! Put your phone on silent and check email only occasionally (try once every hour). Limit time on social media too. You can “like” your friend’s picture of his dog later.
  • Do smaller tasks. Some psychologists suggest that our brain works way too hard to process incredible amounts of information. So working on one large project can be overwhelming — like trying to plan a whole event at work in one afternoon. Split up projects into individual tasks so they’re easier to accomplish.

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Pinpointing the problem was an interesting point of these 13 ways to focus and beat distractions at work I thought. There’s enough information out there which talks about how to improve your ability to focus, but pinpointing the exact problem is often disregarded. Is it that you have too many windows open (of the operating system variety, not in your office or home), or that you’re easily taken off track by social media, or is it that you’re simply bored and looking for other things to do? Breaking your workload into smaller tasks is certainly great advice. The complete project can appear daunting so breaking it all down as a much easier way to maintain focus.