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Six Smart Ways To Beat Stress

It is clear  that stress can have an impact on your ability to focus, as well as your health and mental state.   If you’re struggling to focus, it may just be that you are struggling with stress too.  Here I have excerpted 2 examples out of six smart ways to beat stress, written by Paige Greenfield of Men’s Health.

How you cope: Pour a drink
After a few shots of Jack, the office jackass is the last person on your mind. When alcohol enters your bloodstream, it seems to activate reward pathways for temporary relief. Ultimately, though, it may intensify your depression, says William Pollack, Ph.D., a Men’s Health mental health advisor. In a University of Chicago study, stressed-out men injected with alcohol felt anxious longer than guys in a placebo group. Booze may disrupt your body’s calming process, prolonging the mental misery.

Do this instead: Self-medicate with music
A study in Nature Neuroscience found that listening to favorite tunes or anticipating a certain point in a song can cause a pleasurable flood of dopamine. Listen to a few songs in a row several times a day. “These doses of dopamine can lower your stress, removing the trigger that causes you to seek alcohol,” says Edward Roth, M.T.-B.C., a professor of music therapy at Western Michigan University.

How you cope: Drive too fast
Why do guys love Vegas? Or consider cliff jumping a worthy pastime? The same reason they speed: Risk taking produces a surge of endorphins, which numb pain, says Cleveland Clinic psychologist Michael McKee, Ph.D. But if you chase those thrills while you’re stressed, they could kill you. Your judgment tends to become clouded, so it’s harder to take calculated risks, explains Addis. “You’re more likely to put yourself in unnecessary danger.”

Do this instead: Hightail it to the gym
But don’t default to your regular workout. If you’re bored with your routine, you may not experience the normal post-gym endorphin rush, making exercise less effective as a stress fighter than it could be, says Addis. So try something new: Sign up for a martial arts class, check out an indoor rock-climbing center, or go mountain biking. These activities combine physical exertion with a bit of benign risk taking. Click here to view the original source of the article

I thought these six smart ways to beat stress were an original approach of addressing stress in every day life.  I think sometimes we don’t even realise that we’re suffering from stress and get used to doing things that aren’t productive and beneficial for our brains. What do you think?