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Super Foods To Help You Focus

Whether you’re student, business owner, employee or child suffering from ADHD there is a plethora of super foods to help you focus. This article is directed to help students during midterms but these foods apply to anyone. Your brain cells feed on glucose, which is derived from complex carbohydrates (whole grain, vegetables, fruits and legumes). Complex carbs release sugar at a steady pace into your blood stream and your brain feeds on this glucose for fuel. Your brain loves this type. Simple carbohydrates (refined, white and processed foods) on the other hand, actually drain your brain of energy, as they release sugar fast into the blood stream almost like an injection, which causes your pancreas to secrete Insulin. This in turn causes cells throughout your body to pull excess glucose from your blood stream and in turn drains your brain of the glucose it requires for energy. This leads to you not being able to concentrate, think, concentrate, focus or learn, you’ll feel weak and in extreme cases, this leads to hypoglycemia – which can actually lead to unconsciousness! Steer clear of high sugar foods which obviously includes sweets as well as simple carbs, but also high sugar soft drinks  – you’ll experience an immediate high, but that is swiftly followed by a low. Stick to these types of foods, written by Kathryn Miller for Student Printz:

Super Foods To Help You Focus

Dark ChocolateThe following is a list of super brain foods for a positive, stress-free midterm week.

• WHOLE-GRAIN—Cereals, whole-grain breads and popcorn boost blood flow to the brain.

• NUTS—Walnuts, cashews, almonds and pecans clear up “brain fog,” enable clearer thinking, and are positive mood enhancers.

•BERRIES—Blueberries strengthen the brain and help with cognitive processes. Strawberries improve brain cell abilities. Blackberries help protect the brain from oxidation stress and fights brain disease.

• SEEDS—Sunflower seeds can boost mood and brainpower. Pumpkin seeds enhance memory and thinking skills.

• GREEN TEA—When freshly brewed, it enhances memory and focus, fights mental fatigue and promotes relaxation.

• EGGS—Nutrients help boost the memory center in the brain.

• AVOCADOS—Contain mono-unsaturated fats, which contribute to healthy blood flow, which is the main requirement for a healthy brain.

• BROCCOLI—Great source of vitamin K, which enhances cognitive function and improves brainpower.

• EGGPLANT—The skin increases focus.

• SPINACH—A diet rich in spinach significantly improves learning capacity and motor skills.

• YOGURT—Calcium-rich foods improve nerve function. Yogurt improves alertness and memory.

• CHOCOLATE—Dark chocolate has powerful antioxidants, which enhance focus and concentration and improve mood. Milk chocolate starts impulse control and reaction time. Chocolate has been known to improve visual and verbal memory.

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I was fairly surprised to see milk chocolate recommended here in these super foods to help you focus. Dark chocolate is known to be beneficial for your health (in small doses) as the coco has antioxidants but I wasn’t aware of the benefits of milk chocolate. Every day’s a school day!



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