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Struggling To Focus As You’re Addicted To Distractions?

We’re living in a world surrounded by a myriad of distractions. Have you ever wondered if you’re struggling to focus as you’re addicted to distractions? With social media taking over the the internet/our world, it’s not difficult to understand that this may be a new phenomenon. According to Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D. for Psychology Today, it’s all down to dopamine in our brains as we seek pleasure and instant gratification;

Struggling to Focus As You’re Addicted To Distractions?

Turn off distractions to focusPleasure vs. seeking  You may have heard that dopamine controls the “pleasure” systems of the brain: that dopamine makes you feel enjoyment, pleasure, and therefore motivates you to seek out certain behaviors, such as food, sex, and drugs. Recent research is changing this view. Instead of dopamine causing you to experience pleasure, the latest research shows that dopamine causes seeking behavior. Dopamine causes you to want, desire, seek out, and search. It increases your general level of arousal and your goal-directed behavior. From an evolutionary stand-point this is critical. The dopamine seeking system keeps you motivated to move through your world, learn, and survive. It’s not just about physical needs such as food, or sex, but also about abstract concepts. Dopamine makes you curious about ideas and fuels

Not without costs 
 This constant stimulation of the dopamine system can be exhausting. And the constant switching of attention makes it hard to get anything accomplished. Can you do anything to get out of a dopamine loop? Or prevent getting in one in the first place?your searching for information. The latest research shows that it is theopioid system (separate from dopamine) that makes us feel pleasure.

Turn off the cues  One of the most important things you can do to prevent or stop a dopamine loop, and be more productive is to turn off the cues. Adjust the settings on your cell phone and on your laptop, desktop or tablet so that you don’t receive the automatic notifications. Automatic notifications are touted as wonderful features of hardware, software, and apps. But they are actually causing you to be like a rat in a cage. If you want to get work done you need to turn off as many auditory and visual cues as possible. It’s the best way to prevent and break the dopamine loops.

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It’s a little scary wouldn’t you agree that you may be struggling to focus as you’re addicted to distractions? To be honest, this doesn’t surprise me in the least. As we flit from one social media site to another, from text to phone call to push notification from wherever, we’ll soon be multitasking so ineffectively that we achieve nothing! The key to focus is to remove yourself from distractions, so turn these notifications off and put yourself and your computer in ‘airplane mode’.



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