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Strengthen Your Brain With Exercise

We were born to move, yet too many people do not prioritise exercise. This article explains how you strengthen your brain with exercise, improve learning capabilities and also slow down aging. It was once believed that our brains stopped growing when we reached a certain age. This is of course nonsense. Our brains are constantly undergoing changes, the neurons between cells can be renewed and strengthened with the right treatment, or indeed weakened and severed when not treated with care. Exercise is key in maintaining the brain’s plasticity – its ability to build and repair and change throughout our lives. Take a few minutes out to read this no-nonsense, concise and informative article by Lori Rockl for Castanet.net.

Strengthen Your Brain With Exercise

Exercise for your brainNumerous studies have been conducted on brain plasticity to explore the changes in cellular structure which occur in the brain over time. A number of factors appear to contribute, from hormones generated inside the body to shock therapy. One of the most effective and least compromising is exercise. Studies show that people are able to enhance the flexibility of the brain by “exercising” it, much like exercising the musculoskeletal system can be improved or modified with exercise.
The growth of new brain cells and nerves – neurogenesis – happens when the brain blood volume increases. Blood volume increases during moderate exercise. The hippocampal area of the brain, the area responsible for memory and learning, is the area primarily affected by increased blood volume. This is good news for us with aging brains where memory seems to deteriorate and learning new things like language or music also seems to be fairly challenging.

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Therefore, you strengthen your brain with exercise by stimulating neurogenesis. This happens when the blood volume increases which of course exercise induces. It’s frustrating to see people neglect exercise as they’re neglecting their bodies, their health as a whole and their brains. I speak from the heart, having parents who don’t seem to understand the importance of exercise, knowing that their aging could be considerably slowed if they undertook regular exercise.  Spread the word!


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