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Stay Focused And Avoid Daily Distractions

We’re in a world surrounded by interruptions; people, texts, emails, phone calls and more recently social media. If these distractions aren’t enough, then something else around the corner will better occupy our mind than the task in hand. Here, Deirde Woollard explains how to stay focused and avoid daily distractions.

Switch Focus: The ability to switch focus takes practice, and sometimes, a little help. The trick is to stop multitasking. Don’t try to handle more than one thing at once; rather, train your focus in one direction, and switch tracks only when the first task or objective is completed.

I think it’s all about planning. If you start the day with an objective, then you can write it down and focus on that objective or, say 3 objectives. I particulalry like the point about using a timer so you allocate yourself a specific time period to complete a certain task. Stay focused and avoid daily distractions by planning; get focused, stay focused and switch focus.

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