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Sleep And Your Brain

Sleep And Your Brain If you struggle with focus and concentration, it may be worth assessing how much sleep you’re getting every night and gaining an understanding of how sleep and your brain health are heavily linked. There’s a bit of a worldwide debate going on about how much sleep we need each night and there doesn’t appear to be a general rule of thumb. Some people survive on four hours a night, others can’t function on less than 8 hours a night. One thing that is certain though, is that chronic sleep deprivation is harmful to your brain – in fact it can have the same effects on your brain as aging does – namely, the part of your brain responsible for your memory – your hippocampus – starts to shrink. Scary much? This article from CBS News is well worth a quick read:

Sleep And Your Brain

We get grumpy when we’re sleep deprived because our brains are finely tuned to circadian rhythms and at night, it wants to sleep. If you’ve fed your brain caffeine all day, it will stay awake — but still feel tired. Ordinary work will get harder, you will make more mistakes and they’ll make you mad.

Thirty one percent of drivers micro-sleep, that is they nod off for a split second. This results in some 100,000 U.S. highway accidents.

When we’re tired, we crave glucose, the source of energy our brains consume. So we eat all those things that we shouldn’t hoping they’ll give us energy when what we really need is sleep.

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I speak from experience here when I say that sleep deprivation is harmful to focus and productivity – let alone brain health. If you do suffer from insomnia at all, as I have done in the past, it’s really important to address what’s causing it and get it sorted – we only have one brain! I was advised to cut out alcohol until it was sorted as this actually induces what’s called ‘rebound anxiety’ –  anxiety or stress that is calmed when having a drink or two, is amplified after drinking. Unfortunately, this gets worse as we get older – no one wants to hear that! Click here to view more methods to help you sleep.




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