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Shower Power

Aha moments in the showerCan you relate to the shower power moments when you have aha moments or big ideas? Many successful people talk about how they have their big ideas when they’re completely separate from their working environment – and sometimes day dreaming. Richard Branson has a hammock on which he is most creative and he dreams up many of his ideas. When we are working on a certain problem and getting frustrated, we know that we can go away from it, maybe do some exercise and we often solve it. What is it about the shower though? Check out this article on Psychology Today by Nancy K Napier, Ph.d.

A lot of people say they have aha moments in the shower, maybe after wrestling with some problem the night or day before. That’s the “unseen mind” at work, as researchers call it. Even though it seems you’re NOT thinking about something, your brain is working away, making connections all the while.   I know one person who claims that 80% of the time he has been thinking about some problem, he gets one of those moments in the shower the next morning.  Wow.  Wouldn’t it be nice to count on THAT?

He’s not alone.

Read more on Psychology Today

Where else can you have shower power moments? In the bath maybe? For me, it’s often when I’m running or doing some kind of exercise. Not only are you away from your working environment but you’re stimulating your brain with all the right chemicals and proteins with the increased blood flow to the brain that occurs during exercise. It also stimulates neurogenesis – the creation of new brain cells.


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