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Results, Purpose and Massive Action – Tony Robbins

Results, Purpose, Massive Action

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If you’re a regular on this site, you’ll have possibly noticed that I often refer to the world famous, peak performance coach, Tony Robbins. In relation to my post on Monday about The Power Of Goal Setting, this is a clip of him talking about the importance of being absolutely clear about what you want (Results), giving yourself a strong enough why (Purpose) and then taking Massive Action.I say he’s world famous, but you’re only going to know him if you’re interested in the area of self-development. He’s worked with millions of people all over the world including world leaders, professional athletes, the US army, major company leaders, rape victims and not to forget we mere mortals. To name but a few he’s worked with Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela, Andre Agassi, Serena Williams and more recently, Hugh Jackman.

Results, Purpose and Massive Action – Tony Robbins

If you’d like to learn more about Tony Robbins, here’s his biography.



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