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Overcoming Procrastination

Are you tempted to read this article later? What are you meant to be doing right now? Have you ever procrastinated? Ok, silly question. The topic of overcoming procrastination is widely spoken about. We’ve all procrastinated and we’re all procrastinators in some regard. The reason for that is actually quite simple – we’re wired to procrastinate. Excuse me? Let me explain and then you can argue with me. I give part credit to Tony Robbins and part credit to Psychology Today for these findings. Firstly, we as human beings are all motivated by two key driving forces – pain and pleasure; the need to avoid pain, and the desire to gain pleasure (thank you Tony Robbins). Anything we do in life, is a results of one or both of these forces. Out of the two controlling forces, the need to avoid pain, is generally the one that wins. Why do you think that is? It’s down to our survival brain which by definition, is designed to protect us.  It’s designed to keep us safe. The reason we procrastinate is because we attach more pain to taking action to not taking action, or more pain to taking action, than we do pleasure. So how we we break through procrastination? Have a look at this cartoon brought to you by 20Pixels.com to see which procrastinator(s) you are and underneath you’ll see a link where you can watch a free presentation that shows how to overcome procrastination. Which procrastinator are you?

Procrastinator Types

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Click here to view a presentation where I explain how to overcome procrastination.



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