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Our Success Is Dependent On The Stories We Tell

Ask The Right QuestionsThis article really caught my attention as it’s something that I can totally relate to. I used to say things like “I’m a starter, not a finisher – which is why I struggle with focus” – if you say something enough to yourself, you’ll live it. In the words of Henry Ford “whether you think you can, or you can’t, you’re right.” This is an insightful look into the world of the stories we tell ourselves and how our success is dependent on the stories we tell from Psychology Today. If you say to yourself “why can’t I focus?” – guess what will happen! 

Our Success Is Dependent On The Stories We Tell

One way to rid ourselves of the limiting beliefs and shift out of our negative mindset and bad-news scenarios is to rewrite the story the way we want it to be.

Start by declaring what is – without judgment. Just say what happened. Then, pick the story you want to tell.

“I have a melanoma on my knee. I will have surgery to remove it.”

That’s all it was. There didn’t have to be any drama. No judgment. No scary prognosis. I could just say what I knew, in that present moment.

Do the same when you draft your own story — leave out the opinions. Drop the blame. Let go of the victims’ vocabulary “there was nothing I could do” and “I can’t believe this is happening to me” or “I’m so unlucky.”  When you stop the thoughts and words about how life isn’t fair you drop some of the drama that only builds the worry.

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When we understand that our success is dependent on the stories we tell ourselves, it makes you realise that it’s really important to ask empowering questions, rather than disempowering ones. Instead of saying “why can’t I lose weight” say….”why do I find it so easy to lose weight?” and your brain will find the answer!


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