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Motivation For Goal Achievement

It can be demoralising when you set goals and miss them. We’ve all been there and it’s not uncommon. Interestingly it can be down to your motivation for goal achievement and recent neurological research has suggested that there are 2 motivating factors that act independently from one another in your brain; the “why” and the “how”.  Elliot Berkman and David Rock explain all in this rather scientific article for Fast Company.

Motivation For Goal Achievement

Motivation for goal achievementCarver and Michael Scheier would answer that you’re actually doing both at the same time. This is because both actions–typing words and authoring a novel–are embedded within the same goal hierarchy that contains multiple and different aspects of the goal. Motivation is represented at higher levels of the hierarchy and mechanics are represented at lower levels; asking why moves you up in the hierarchy, and asking how moves you down. With the pitcher, finding his release point is the way, but striking out the batter is the will. To succeed at most goals, both pieces are required–without a will, there’d be no need for a way, and without a way, there is no means to achieve the end–and, critically, the two must remain connected to one another to sustain goal pursuit through to success.

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So if you you can get your head around this, you’ll have deduced that there needs to be a “why” and a “how” motivating factor attached to each goal that is set, or at least, the brain needs to understand both perspectives. They need to remain connected. This makes total sense and is why visualisation is so important when it comes down to goal setting; this provides the “why” – if you can imagine yourself, clearly having achieved said goal in say 3 months’ time, particularly if you attach emotion to the visualisation, then the “how” elements of achieving your goal become less significant and less arduous. They’re just little things that need to get done, rather than massive obstacles that stand in your way.



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