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Mind Wandering Is Linked With Creativity

If a reason that you struggle to focus, is down to the fact that your mind tends to wander then you’ll be pleased to read that mind wandering is linked with creativity! How can this be so, you may be wondering? Or wandering? Hopefully wondering. It transpires, that recent studies have shown that people who let themselves “space out” or allow their minds to wander, score higher on a certain level of creativity, called the “Unusual Task” test.

Mind Wandering Is Linked With Creativity

Mind Wandering And CreativityWe all experience the state of “mind wandering” on occasion — sometimes it feels almost like going into a trance. You can be in the middle of a meeting at work, and suddenly your mind is just going off on its own, with a train of thought you couldn’t reconstruct afterwards to save your life. Is this phenomenon just a waste of time, or a failure to pay attention on your part?

Apparently not — there’s now a fair amount of evidence that this state can be linked to increased creativity. A number of studies have shown that focused attention to a task can reduce your creativity, while a certain amount of mental wandering can actually boost your creative process. For example, a 2006 study by Ap Dijksterhuis and Teun Meurs with the University of Amsterdam found people who engaged in “unconscious thought” before solving a problem did better than people who’d been focused on something consciously.


Mind-wandering is an “associative” state, so it makes sense that it would help you to come up with out-of-left-field answers. Read the full article here on io9.com

So when you’re struggling to focus because your mind tends to wander, remind yourself that mind wandering is linked with creativity – so this state of being “spaced out” is actually a good thing! I’d love for someone to use that argument when they’re caught out in a business meeting not paying attention whatsoever to what’s going on. Had I known this 3 years ago when I worked for a large organisation where we wasted so much time in meetings, I’d have definitely played that card. “Sorry, sorry, I have absolutely no idea what’s going on right now, but if it’s any consolation, I was in a meditative state of creativity.”




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