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Manage Your Focus, Not Your Time

Focus on goals, not timeManage your focus, not your time, says Ariel Diaz, CEO of  Boundless. This really caught my attention as most of us focus on time management and how to manage our time with the help of fads such as to-do lists and day plans. Now whilst they’re useful to a certain degree, they lack a ‘why’ for the entrepreneur – or anyone for that matter. If your day is filled with ‘to-dos’, it’s easy to lose motivation and sight of what you’re aiming for – and before you know it, a whole heap of time has flashed past your life.

Also, the term time management is a misdemeanor in itself. I must credit this idea to Steven Covey who wrote 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. What’s the one thing in life that we can’t manage? Time! We’re only given a finite amount of it, each minute, hour, day, week, year etc. It’s literally the one thing in life that we can’t manage. What we can manage is ourselves. This changes the emphasis to shifting our own psychology so we can focus on putting ourselves in a state of peak performance. Check out what Ariel Diaz has to say: 

“If you are clear on what to focus on, your time will take care of itself. The best way to task-manage is to pick 2-5 goals for the week and make sure those get done. Mental energy is critical for productivity, so when the subconscious mind is focused on the right thing, it works toward your advantage.”

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I couldn’t agree more. If you think about how to manage your focus, not your time, it really does change your approach to how to effectively use the precious, finite, amount of time that we’re dealt with in life. When you focus on your goals and even better, visualise achieving them every morning for the day / week / month ahead, you’ll soon know how to use your time. Your subconscious mind also starts to work with you in order for you to achieve those goals. You’ll put an end to the myth that is multitasking and start to generate real and meaningful results. ‘Hyper-Efficient Organisation’ actually forms a module in a course I’ve  just launched called Procrastination To Profit which helps entrepreneurs break through procrastination, double their focus and productivity – and you can only imagine what effect that has on sales. Check it out if you dare!



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