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Living Your Passion

Living Your PassionAre you living your passion? Dan Sullivan, a highly successful entrepreneur in the US, said one of the main reasons that people struggle with focus, is that they’re not entirely sold on whatever they’re doing. They may think that they are on a conscious level, but they may not be on a subconscious level. People can also get emotionally attached to a project without completely selling themselves on the idea. I can totally relate to this with past projects I have been involved which did not go according to plan. I don’t regard them as a “failure” though as each time I have got feedback and learned from it.

There is a flip side though…

There is a flip side to this though, in that if you’re not entirely sold on what you’re doing, the chances are you’re not focusing on your innate strengths and talents – the ones you’re born with. This is why living your passion is so important but sadly very few of us do this. Everyone will struggle with focus, if they’re not working in tune with their strengths and instead are working on or developing their weaknesses. This video is called “This Video Will Change Your Life” and the narrator does a superb job in reminding us what life is really about which I think most of us forget about as we “get caught up” in this thing called life. Watch it, you’ll love it!


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