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Is Perfectionism Linked With Procrastination?

Perfectionism?This article grabbed my attention in a BIG way! I strongly believe procrastination is what stands between most people and true success. Every single one of us has ideas, it’s just that most people procrastinate about them whereas “successful” people take action. I put successful in quotes as success has a different meaning for different people. Fear of failure is the common force which stops most people from taking action or limiting beliefs – which is essentially the same thing. Have you thought about this one though: Is perfectionism linked with procrastination? Here, James Ulrich takes a look at how productivity is affected by perfectionism which then leads to procrastination…

Is Perfectionism Linked With Procrastination?

Far from being a motivator for productivity, perfectionism (or more precisely, the byproducts of it) can be a debilitating pattern that inhibits healthy functioning.

Though it’s driven many of the great feats of art, science, and sports, it has driven many others to distraction and led to significant problems with beginning and finishing projects. One of the main roadblocks to productivity created by perfectionists is a tendency to procrastinate.

While procrastination is often confused with plain laziness, sometimes it is the byproduct perfectionism. The daunting nature of the unrealistic goal of perfection can be so intimidating that it leads to a crippling fear of beginning. This is particularly true when one’s self-esteem is closely tied into (or contingent) upon success.

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What do you think? Has being a perfectionist hindered your productivity and lead to you procrastinating? I think it’s a great point. I wrote a book a few years ago and didn’t publish it on Kindle for about six months as I wanted it to be absolutely perfect. I was right to a degree to make it perfect, but I procrastinated with the process of getting it perfect. Was it because I feared failure when I published it? I guess so. When I realised that it’s procrastination that stands between most people and true success and fulfilment, it inspired me to create Procrastination To Profit. Take a look at the free presentation I give about breaking through procrastination. I can pretty much guarantee that you won’t have heard of these methods before!


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