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Is Managing Your Time A Waste Of Time?

Time ManagementIs managing your time a waste of time? Controversial title I hear you say. This is an intriguing article from Entrepreneur.com where Steve Tobac looks at some of the myths associated with ‘time management’. In my top ten tips for effective time management, you’ll have seen that I came across the idea that ‘time management’ is a misdemeanour because one thing in life that we really can’t manage, is time. It’s given to us, and is our most precious commodity. It cannot be replaced. We can, however, manage ourselves, and more importantly, our focus. When we focus on achieving, say 3 major things in a day which bring us closer to our goals, that can be far more effective than planning the hours in your day. Here are some more challenges to the time management myths:

Is Managing Your time A Waste Of Time?

Searching for a 4-hour workweek. Yes, I know, Tim Ferris’s point is to outsource non-critical activities so you have more time for what matters. There is some sense to that. Just don’t take it too far or you’ll end up chasing a myth. There really are no shortcuts in life. You can probably skate by without working too hard, but if you want to do great things, you need to work your tail off. You get out what you put in.

Being a slave to your phone and inbox. Unless you’re waiting for something important, the reason you respond quickly is because it feels good. It reinforces your ego. It makes you feel important, wanted, needed. No kidding. When I’m working, the ringer on my phone and the volume on my computer are off. I deal with that stuff later. I didn’t learn that from a book on time management. It’s just common sense.

Trying to be organized. My desk looks like a tornado hit it. It always has. It isn’t organized chaos. It’s just chaos. And you know what? It works. Turns out you don’t need to know where anything is, not anymore. Your whole life is in the cloud. You can search for anything. My inbox goes back to 2004 and I have no trouble finding whatever I need. Go figure.

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I’m a massive fan of the second point about about not being a slave to your phone and inbox. They’ve got to be the greatest time zappers of all time. I’m looking into the idea of having a virtual assistant (VA) being in charge of my emails for me, along with other administrative-type tasks. I quite like the idea of reading just one email a day where my entire inbox has been filtered and categorised. What do you think? Have you ever outsourced your admin as per Tim Ferris’ The Four Hour Work Week mentioned above? A brilliant book by the way in case you haven’t read it. It’ll get you thinking far outside the box.


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