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How To Stay Focused On Your Exercise Regime

Have you ever started a new exercise or workout routine, and lost focus with it within a matter of months or even weeks? It’s all too easy to do and just about everyone I know has done it. Here are 3 of Alicia Sparks’ of Psych Central 9 methods of how to stay focused with your exercise regime.

Remember the physical health benefits.

We’re focusing a lot on the mental health benefits of exercise here at Your Body, Your Mind, but don’t forget that mental health and physical health can go hand-in-hand, and even if your brain is trying to talk you out of that daily run, your heart might be begging you for it.

Use the time to think

For some people, working out is the only time they get to themselves to think about – well, anything they want to think about. You absolutely should be focused and mindful during any workout; failing to do so can lead to a poor performance – not to mention injury. However, certain exercises like walking, running, and swimming, allow for a little mental wiggle room. I’ve had some of my best epiphanies on the treadmill.

Use the time to AVOID thinking

Some routines demand you clear your mind and focus on the present (such as yoga) while others are so demanding you really don’t have room to think about much else (such as aerobics). Consider these kinds of workouts if you’re looking for a temporary escape, or want to give your mind a break from worrying.

Keep these tips of how to stay focused on your exercise regime to hand so you can refer to them if you ever find yourself slipping off the exercise wagon. Remember for the most part, that exercise is absolute gold when it comes to focusing and fuelling your brain in general, let alone your body’s natural requirement for it.

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