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How To Stay Focused: A useful tool

I’ve been working for myself and online for about 1.5 years now, and until the last few months, do not think I managed to work efficiently for more than a few hours a day.  The first thing I’d do is check my emails, then facebook, respond to pointless messages, update my status in a pointless fashion, browse new pictures, then browse pictures that I’d already seen before,  and before I knew it, it would be lunch time. I’d then go for a run or do some other form of exercise, then shower, eat lunch and sit back down about 4pm, by which time I’d have more personal emails to respond to. I’d reply to them, check facebook, then realise the time, panic, and then get a few hours work done before making dinner.  I’d then say to myself, I work much better at night anyway and I’ll be able to stay focused, but by the time I’d eaten, a great film would be on TV which I’d obviously seen before.  No work would get done, and procrastination would prevail.  You get the idea. Does this sound familiar at all do you?

I have just come across a very useful tool called Stay Focused which can be easily added to your Chrome browser.  It allows you to manage your time on various sites, such as facebook where you can set the maximum time you’ll allow yourself.  The default setting is 10 minutes.  If you try to increase it, you’ll be asked a jokey message assuring yourself that you actually want to do that. If you do want to extend your time having set it, then you’ll have to go through a laborious process, with the aim of actually putting you off the idea.  If you’re struggling to stay focused, without a boss, and are challenging to manage your time effectively, then I’d highly recommend this free tool: Stay Focused


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