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How To Overcome Negative Thinking

How To Overcome Negative Thoughts

We’ve all been there and got lost in negative thoughts. It’s natural, particularly when we’re tired, stressed, anxious, depressed and essentially, not in a peak state of mind and psychology. Sometimes negative thoughts can be addictive! We can create pity parties for ourselves and dig ourselves into a deep hole if we’re not careful when we think the world is going to end. Here’s how to overcome negative thinking in five relatively easy steps.

How To Overcome Negative Thinking

  1. Help your body relax: breathe deeply 5 times; take a drink of water; loosen up your arms and legs, roll your shoulders. If you have the time, you can even do progressive relaxation.Having a body that is relaxed will make your mind less stressed and encourage new problem solving
  2. Think of the ultimate worst case scenario. I do mean worst case. In my example it would be that the car would run out of gas, my phone wouldn’t work to call for help and no one would stop for us, and we’d spend the night in the car. Extremely unlikely. Coming up with the worst case scenario forces your mind to think outside the box
  3. Ask for help from someone you trust. If you lost a job, ask a close friend for help understanding why. If you struggle with your weight, talk with your doctor. Don’t let shame or embarrassment keep you stuck. The more minds that work at solving a problem, the better. Continue reading whole article.

So instead of cursing at yourself and thinking that the world is about to end, take a step back and apply these five principles of how to overcome negative thinking.  I thought number three was pretty poignant. Lately I’m not afraid to seek help in any area of my life that needs improving, but I used to be very reluctant to do so, even if I knew I needed it. Being proud doesn’t get you anywhere!  



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