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How To Motivate Yourself and Stop Procrastinating

Motivation and ProductivityNow this is a very cool article from Dumb little Man. If you’d like to learn how to motivate yourself and stop procrastinating in the next 3-5 minutes then stay right here! I particularly appreciated this citation from Les Brown; “Wanting something is not enough. You must have hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way”. How cool? Whether your motivation (or lack of motivation) is with regard to keeping fit, or eating healthily, or your career or entrepreneurial focus, or relationships or anything else, then you’ll be pleased to hear that there are some simple ways to get over these obstacles, and they start with breaking through procrastination. The tasks that you put off will only take longer when you finally get around to them – if you ever get around to them…

How To Motivate Yourself And Stop Procrastinating

Consciously realise that you can’t escape or outrun the task.

When people have undesirable work they need to complete, their minds sometimes persuade them subconsciously that if they wait just long enough, they won’t actually have to do what they’ve been dreading. It’s as though there’s a shred of hope secretly at work; if I don’t take out the trash, start this business or work on my class paper, some external even might eventually require me not to go follow through. It could start raining, so I’ll take the trash out in the morning; a competing business might implement my idea, so it might be too risky to invest time and money; and a classmate might have already written a portion of my paper, so why do double the work.

Unfortunately, these are just fantasies. Tasks or goals never get any easier with procrastination; they accumulate and become more stressful as time pressure increases. You must realise that you can’t outrun anything and should adopt a “now is the best time” mindset instead.

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I love the idea of rewarding yourself at the end of any completed task too. It could be something like a dinner out with your partner or a trip to the cinema, or time with your kids. The idea of accomplishment is really important as it keeps us motivated. The idea of chunking tasks and goals down is also imperative as when we break things down, we actually realise that each component task is really not that difficult. It’s the overall goal that often feels daunting to achieve but when broken down into bite-sized and manageable chunks, it alleviates a lot of the overwhelm and stress. Everything instantly becomes a whole lot more doable.


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