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How To Improve Your Focus And Creativity

If you would to learn how to improve your focus and creativity, then these words from co-author of Organize Your Brain, Organize Your Life: Train Your Brain To Get More Done In Less Time, Margaret Moore, should fill you with confidence.  This article was written by Celeste Perron For HealthGoesStrong.com and I have excerpted two of my favourite points.

How To Improve Your Focus And Creativity

Take brain breaks. One key to better focus is to take a “brain break” every 30-60 minutes. “After that amount of time your brain gets depleted and you need a break, especially as the day goes on,” says Moore. “So move around and do little tasks like making the bed, or go for a walk.” Surfing the web and watching funny YouTube videos doesn’t necessarily qualify as a brain break. “It’s important to get out of your chair and move your body,” she says, and adds, “sometimes taking break from what you’re doing can lead to your best creative insights, which is why we so often hit upon great ideas in the shower.”

Stay cognitively flexible. One risk we face as we age is mental rigidity, getting stuck in opinions and thought patterns that can block creativity and also hurt working memory. One trick Moore suggests for preventing that is intentionally exposing yourself to opposing points of view—say, watch MSNBC followed by Fox News, or read an editorial in the New York Times followed by one in the Wall Street Journal that voices the opposite opinion. “You don’t want to get too stuck in your ways of thinking, because being able to understand multiple points of view helps you stay more youthful and get the most of your brain.”

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Of these methods on how to improve your focus and creativity, I could entirely relate to Margaret Moore’s suggestion to take brain breaks away from your computer.  She makes a point that you can often have your best ideas when you’re in the shower – this is so true.  It’s easy to reach a stalemate sat in front of your computer.  If you read the full article you’d have understood the importance of reducing stress, getting enough sleep, not multitasking and feeding your brain with the right types of food in improving your focus and creativity.  She also mentioned how exercise is essential as it helps your prefrontal cortex to grow as well as reduces stress.  As you may know by now (as a regular on this site), the hippocampus is largely responsible for memory and exercise is essential in maintaining a healthy hippocampus.

The point about remaining cognitively flexible was very interesting as was her reference to mental rigidity.  I can completely identify with that as I have parents! I’ll be having words.



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