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How To Free Your Mind

A major obstacle to focus and productivity can be an overactive brain. In fact, this leads to stress, anxiety and sleep disorders as well. If you would like to learn how to free your mind, then this simple exercise will definitely help. In this video, Jim Bunch explains a  process that involves a complete mind dump which means putting literally everything that is on your mind onto paper. This process alone frees up your mind, but the next process which he calls GPA – which stands for Goals, Projects and Actions, allows you to categorise everything that is on your mind, followed by a prioritisation exercise. I found the mind dump alone pretty liberating. I highly recommend that you set aside 10 minutes when you’re not at work to watch this video and complete the exercise.

If you found this exercise on how to free your mind useful then please share with your friends and family. It’s so easy in the ridiculously busy world we live in today – where we’re surrounded by ‘hyper distraction’ and endless opportunities – to get lost in it all. In fact, very few of us ever take much time out for ourselves these days which is probably why most of us are highly stressed. It’s really worth taking regular time out, where you take a step back from everything and think about your goals and ambitions. In fact, Tony Robbins advises to do this daily for an hour before even starting your day and combining it with exercise. He calls it your  ‘Hour Of Power’.


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