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How To Focus On Finding Your Dream Job

Have you landed your dream job yet? If not, these tips on how to focus on finding your dream job will point you in the right direction.  They’re written by Olu Oyeniran for The Nation Online and may save you a lot of time.  I therefore highly recommend a read of the full article and to make note!

How To Focus On Finding Your Dream Job

Make a list of potential employers 

The first step in this process is compiling at list of all companies that you would be interested to work with. The more, the merrier; the longer the list, the better your odds at success.

You can source for this list via your personal network, the yellow pages, corporate websites, newspaper adverts business listings from industry publications and even your local Chamber of Commerce directory. You could create this list of companies by focusing on a specific geographic area, a particular industry, corporate rankings, or the like.

Get your pitch down pat

Your pitch is your personal introduction. To ensure you’re not tongue-tied at the crucial point of a telephone conversation, prepare a short script to guide you on your self-introduction to the prospective employer.

A pitch allows you to relax and focus on what you need to say and how to say it prior to calling an employer. Be sure to relate your previous professional experience with what this flew company needs. You may have more than one pitch that you refer to depending on the type of job that you are applying for.

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Of these strategies on how to focus on finding your dream job, I could identify with the suggestion to make a list of your potential employers.  Approaching employers directly can often be more effective than going through a recruitment agency.  I made the mistake of applying to companies that were presented to me, rather than researching companies I actually wanted to work for.  By going through these steps, it can encourage some thorough research into potential companies on your wish list, which will help to avoid working for a company that is not in tune with your interests/strengths/goals etc.


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