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How To Find Happiness

How To Find HappinessDo you ever wonder what makes some people just appear really happy, all the time? If you’d like to know how to find happiness, then who would be better to learn from, other than the happiest man in the world? According to researchers at Wisconsin University, French Tebetan monk and molecular geneticist, Matthieu Ricard, is happier than every other person on the planet. (I do wonder how they concluded their findings to be absolute, but let’s roll with it for now.)

Learning that Ricard is a monk, it will come as no surprise to you that he meditates. Not only that, but when he was in a deep state of meditation, researchers at Wisconsin attached 256 sensors to his brain. They recorded the highest level of gamma waves – associated with attention, learning and memory, and consciousness – on record. MRI scans also revealed extremely high levels of positive emotions and very few negative emotions. Here’s what Ricard has to say about finding true happiness:

How To Find Happiness

1. Happiness is an inside job. According to Ricard, “Happiness is a state of inner fulfillment, not the gratification of inexhaustible desires for outward things.” In other words, it’s not the house, the car, or the perfect relationship that produces true happiness. Even if such situations produce momentary pleasure, at any moment things could change, making this a precarious predicament indeed. As Ricard explains, “If you allow exterior circumstances to determine your state of mind, then of course you will suffer; you become like a sponge, or like a chameleon.”

2. Happiness can also encompass other emotions we commonly associate with discomfort. Ricard believes that true happiness depends largely on the development of inner peace, inner strength, altruistic love, and forbearance. As a result, we will become more in tune with other people’s plights. “Sadness is not incompatible with happiness because happiness is not just a pleasant sensation. Sadness can help you feel compassion. Even when you are sad, you can continue to do wonderful things.”

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The idea of meditation can be alien, or even bizarre to some – or maybe I’m talking from past personal experience here. The more I’ve researched the topic of meditation (since owning this blog actually), and taken an interest in human psychology, I’ve concluded that basic mindful meditation (the act of being in the present) not only helps with happiness, but it helps to focus your mind and free you from stress.

World famous peak performance coach, Tony Robbins, attributes the act of daily gratitude together with scheduling time to yourself  to all-round fulfillment. He’s met people who appear to be so wealthy but are unfulfilled, whereas he’s met people who seemingly have nothing, but because they’re so grateful, they’re rich.

Most of us in our hectic lives don’t take time out to focus on ourselves – we’re more concerned with everything else that goes on around us, and caring for others. He calls this your Hour Of Power where each morning, you really get in touch with everything and everyone you’re truly grateful for in your life, where you use your emotions to really get a feel for everything that is right in your life. He also advises to combine this with exercise as you visualise accomplishing your goals that day/week/month etc and if you’re feeling really “out there” to get a sense of having already achieved them – because your subconscious mind doesn’t know the different between what you vividly imagine and something that you actually experience. So soon, what is in your imagination – becomes your reality. I’ve been doing it for a few months now – it releases your stress and you start your day on a high, successfully. Try it, it’s pretty cool!



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