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How To Double The Performance Of Your Brain – Part 4/4

Here’s the finale of how to double the performance of your brain. It’s all about acting quickly on impulse suggestions that your super conscious mind sends to you – or “super conscious insight.” Everyone has these impulse suggestions, but many people procrastinate and then the timing has gone for the ideas to be initiated. According to the narrator there are countless people who have made fortunes from acting on impulses, regardless of how intelligent or their level of education. They trust their instincts and these instincts move them forward.

The finale of how to double the performance of your brain is once again in tune with what Tony Robbins says about focusing on what you want, and never on what you don’t have, or don’t want. Only think about what you want to happen, never fear, never dwell and focus only on what you want to achieve. Any thought, plan, goal or idea held continuously in the conscious mind must be brought into reality by the super conscious mind whether positive or negative. This is why it is so incredibly important for us to focus on our goals, what we want to happen, and to visualise only on that which we wish to come into our lives and to never, ever, focus on the negative thoughts.


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