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How To Boost Energy – Tony Robbins

How to Boost EnergyI just stumbled across this video by Tony Robbins in which he talks about how to boost energy which we all need to live our lives to the full. The amount of energy we have affects our psychology, our productivity, our brain power, our health, our relationships, our working lives – everything! He talks about how in today’s world, as a society we hardly move anymore.  We live box lives where wake up in a box, eat breakfast from a box, go to work in a box, sit in a box office all day, have lunch from a box, then go home in a box, have dinner from a box, in front of the box.

Is it surprising there’s an obesity epidemic? We humans were designed to move – our psychology is affected by our physiology – the way we move our bodies, our posture, body language, our facial expressions, our tonality. To maintain our health and energy levels we need to move – to exercise.  The really interesting part about this video, is his explanation of acid and alkaline in the body. Well worth 20 minutes of your time to watch!

How To Boost Energy – Tony Robbins



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