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How To Avoid Exam Stress And Focus

This is an article especially for students at this stressful (for some) time of year.  If you’re quickly approaching exam time, then these tips on how to avoid exam stress and focus are well worth a read.  They are written by Learning Development Officer, Paula Moran for the Belfast Telegraph.  Some of the tips you may have already come across but there are some useful, original pointers in here too, such as an example revision day.

How To Avoid Exam Stress And Focus

Revision Suggestions Leading Up To Exams:

Typical day

8.00am breakfast/shower/get dressed

8.30am get your study space ready and all you need for the morning.

9-10.30 Learn a topic e.g. Topic one for Biology (create flash cards, spider diagrams or lists with key points)

10.30 -11 Test yourself on that topic

11.-11.30 Short walk, snack

11.30-1pm past paper for maths

1-2pm Break and lunch

2-3.30pm Biology topic two (as above)

3.30-4pm Test yourself or get someone to ask you questions

4.- 6pm break/tea/watch TV

6-7.30pm Go through notes for another subject covering a key topic

7.30-8pm Break

8-9pm Test yourself on what you have just covered

9-9.30 tick off what you have covered today and look over plan for next day

9.30 – 10 relax

10.30 Bed and sleep

In Exams

Make sure you have everything you need for the exam. When you go in read over the instructions carefully and re-read. Allocate your time so that you cover all the questions do not be tempted to spend more on the answers you know more about as you will lose marks on questions you haven’t attempted. If you find it hard to get started or feel you are getting panicky just start to write something on your notes page to get your focus back on the exam paper. If you have lost marks for silly mistakes in the past give yourself time to check over your answers and read each question carefully, underlining key words to keep you focused. If a question is worded differently than you expected take your time to think of how you can apply what you know..

When you come out, tick off the exam you have finished and move on to the next subject do not waste time analysing what you could have done differently.

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Were these tips on how to avoid exam stress and focus useful for you? Please share with your friends if you think so (icons below). I’ve been there at exam time plenty of times, during school, university, and for a masters so I am only too familiar with one’s frame of mind around exam time.   As Paula Moran quite rightly points out, and as I’ve said a number of times over different posts, exercise is key in reducing stress.  You’ll never regret doing exercise! (Unless you injure yourself, don’t get that happen.) You’ll only feel great afterwards and it will enable you to refocus and think clearly.  Always make time of it! There were times when I would wind myself up to the point of near burn out when trying to solve problems, then go for a cycle or run, and sit back down at my desk and solve those problems almost immediately.



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