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Five Organising Myths

five organising mythsWe’ve all heard that the way we organise our possessions and particularly our workspace is a direct reflection of the state of our minds. Or maybe you haven’t? If we have clutter all over the house and a non-existent filing system, the chances are, that there are other areas in your life that require a little organisation – and attention. Focus and productivity are affected by how well we’re organised. Did you know that if you have piles of paper for example on your desk, that it sends messages to your subconscious mind that there are other tasks that need to be completed so you can’t fully focus on the task in hand? On the other hand, it’s also possible to be too organised and misconstrue certain organisational concepts. Here are five organising myths from Unclutter.com.

Five Organising Myths

  1. Sticking to a rigid meal plan for the whole week will save time. What if you’ve planned a 5-course meal on Wednesday then have an emergency orthodontist appointment at 4:00pm? Generally a meal plan will save time but keep the ingredients for a few healthy, easy-to-prepare meals in your pantry at all times. This way, you can eat what you want, when you want.

  2. I only need to touch it once when I am organising something. Many jobs may have to be broken down into smaller tasks (divide and conquer) so they are not so overwhelming. For example, if you have lots of photos that need to be organised, the first step might be to separate them by year into boxes. Step two would be sorting within each box. You’re going to touch things more than once. Continue reading on Unclutterer

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