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Exercise Feeds Your Brain

If you’re regular on this blog (or indeed if you’re not) hopefully by now you’ll have understood that exercise is essential for your brain.  Exercise feeds your brain.  It is common knowledge, yet a lot of people do not prioritise it in their every day life.  Here we can take a look at a slightly more scientific approach and evaluate what happens with glycogen (which causes fat storage) and the brain. Don’t worry, no animals were hurt in this experiment (I can’t back that up).

After the single session on the treadmill, the animals were allowed to rest and feed, and then their brain glycogen levels were studied. The food, it appeared, had gone directly to their heads; their brain levels of glycogen not only had been restored to what they had been before the workout, but had soared past that point, increasing by as much as a 60 percent in the frontal cortex and hippocampus and slightly less in other parts of the brain. The astrocytes had “overcompensated,” resulting in a kind of brain carbo-loading. The levels, however, had dropped back to normal within about 24 hours.  Click here to visit the original source of the article.

If may be that you need to read this article a couple of times to fully understand it, but the overall result of these experiments was that exercise feeds your brain to a high degree, and without it, your brain will suffer. I actually added that last part, but it’s true. I’ve read it everywhere! There’s a post on this blog called Exercise For A Healthy Brain which you may wish to read (and comment on).


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