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Exercise And Eat Well In Order To Focus

Have you heard that you need to exercise and eat well in order to focus?  Just in case you’ve missed my umpteen posts on the necessity of exercise for focus, I thought I’d include this article written by David Wilson for the Sydney Morning Herald.  He features some highly respected entrepreneurs, including Sir Richard Branson (heard of him?), Tim Ferris (him too?), and Luke Baylis (founder of SumoSalad). They’re all huge advocates of exercise as you’d expect being successful business men.  Here’s a snippet of what David Wilson writes about Luke Baylis, regarding his experience before and after exercise:

“You didn’t have quite the same level of focus and you didn’t have quite the same level of motivation and the same type of clear head that you do when you’re fit and healthy and you exercise regularly,” the Sydneysider says. Apparently, massive American portion sizes and tasty trappings were his undoing.

And here’s what David Wilson includes about Sydney marketing agency owner, Robert Steers:

Thanks to his workouts, he can then work without needing four cups of coffee to stay on the case. “It does feel like I am more focused,” he says.

So that he avoids experiencing end-of-day, sitting-induced back soreness, Steers also does Pilates.

“I am not normally into the soft and fluffy stuff, but stretching my back out makes me feel really great for days,” he says. Pilates, he reckons, is outstanding – “a great way to unwind, which I have trouble doing otherwise”.

Besides exercising religiously, Steers avoids fast food and junk food “at all costs”. If out at a meeting, he eats sushi or just grabs a sandwich washed down with water, of which he drinks plenty, curbing coffee to two cups a day.

Read the full, original article here

So there we have it, four successful business men and a business woman (if you read the whole article) talking about why they exercise and eat well in order to focus.  If Richard Branson has enough time to exercise, then I think we mere mortals can prioritise 30 minutes a day to exercise.  If we don’t, we’re actually depriving our bodies of a basic and natural requirement, not only for the brain, but for all organs to function properly.  If you’re struggling to focus on your exercise regime, click here.



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