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Yoga For The Brain

Yoga For The Brain

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Yoga for the brain” and “whole body relaxation” is often seen in adverts for yoga classes. There appears to be a mountain of evidence to support the notion that yoga, as a form of meditation, is not only good for relaxation but helps you to learn new things and focus. A recent study has actually proven that yoga is more effective for learning and focus, than aerobic exercise. This article from 10 News explains all… [Read more…]


3 Yoga Poses That Boost Energy And Mood

I thought this was quite fitting, leading on from a post earlier today about giving yourself an energy boost. Here are 3 yoga poses that boost energy and mood which you can do in the comfort of your own home. I’ve yet to try yoga but I keep on hearing only positive feedback about it. These tips are brought to you by Jill Lawson who has been a fitness professional for 20 years and has focused on yoga instructor for over 10 years.

Mountain PoseMountain Pose

This yoga pose can be practiced anywhere, and at anytime of day.

Stand tall, raise your arms up overhead, and take several powerful deep breaths. The fresh oxygen that will be coursing through your veins will refresh your brain. Standing in this pose energizes your core, your arms, and your legs, so take advantage of it whenever you can.

Dynamic Standing Twist

Inspired by the Five Tibetan Rites, the book of youthful exercises, this standing twist will raise the chi energy through your spine.

Stand comfortably with feet hip width apart. Bring both arms level with your shoulders. First, swing your arms to the right, and slap your left hand against your right shoulder, and slap your right hand against the small of your back. Switch sides. Allow your head, torso and legs to follow the movement of the twist, gently raising each foot to accommodate the range of motion of your upper body.

The twisting motion will give you a fresh outlook on life, and refresh your perspective from stale, all the way up to superb.

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I think these 3 yoga poses that boost energy and mood are so straight forward that it makes total sense to include these into your daily routine, several times a day.  Why not start right now? See how if they make you feel energised? If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of yoga, take a look at this page.


40 Ways To Focus On Your Weight Loss Goals

If you’ve ever joined a weight loss program, and failed, you’re among the majority by far apparently. Here are 40 ways to focus on your weight loss goals which are written as mistakes people make, but rearrange them, and you have 22 ways to focus on achieving your goals, rather than failing with them. They are written by Peta Bee for the Daily Mail, and quite a few of them are pretty original, like eating off the wrong coloured plate and saying “I can’t” rather than “I don’t” when offered certain foods, and listing to the wrong type of music when eating, can actually cause you to eat more.  I’ve excerpted the first 5 of 22 points:

Yoga For Focus And Weight Loss1 Eating cereal for breakfast. A U.S. study found breakfast cereal sweetened with sugar left overweight participants hungry before lunchtime, and they consumed more calories a day than those given an egg for breakfast (the protein kept them full). Egg eaters also had significantly lower levels of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates appetite.

2 Having milk in your tea. Last year, Indian scientists found tea contains high levels of compounds, theaflavins and thearubigins, that help to reduce the amount of fat absorbed by the gut, and can cut cholesterol. However, proteins found in cows’ milk neutralise this ability. Drink your tea black.

3 Eating white bread. Too many refined carbs, especially white bread and white rice, can lead to weight gain, particularly around the midriff, found researchers at Tufts University in Boston.

Two groups ate roughly the same number of calories each day, but those who ate mostly refined carbs added a half inch on their waist per year compared with those eating unrefined ‘whole’ foods such as vegetables and  wholegrain bread.

4 Not reading food labels. A study in the Journal of Consumer Affairs showed that people who habitually read food labels as well as taking exercise lose more weight than those who merely exercise. What’s more, those who only read food labels and are sedentary lose more than those who exercise but ignore the food labels.

5 Drinking too much fruit juice. Fruit juices and other sugary drinks have a stronger impact on weight than calories from solid food, according to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Cutting out just one sugary drink a day resulted in a weight loss of more than 1lb after six months. Read the full article here

I think if you applied all of these 40 ways to focus on your weight loss goals, you’d be on to a winner – almost without having to invest in any fitness program. They all make a lot of sense. Having written an ebook myself in the men’s health and fitness area, through extensive research and by pairing up with experts, I see a lot of common ground here. Being stressed and not sleeping enough feature in the list too – both of which affect your hormone levels and thus your ability to burn fat, and of course hinder your ability to focus.


How Yoga Can Help You Focus

Are you aware how yoga can help you focus?  According to Stacey Ross for The Oman Tribune yoga can help to reduce stress through relaxation exercises and encourage mindfulness, living in the present, coordination, your memory and positive thinking which all in turn will help you to focus.

How Yoga Can Help You Focus

STRESS RELIEF: One of the benefits of yoga is that it encourages relaxation and can help reduce the effects of stress on your body. “We live in a modern age where there is a lot of stress. Now stress isn’t a bad thing in itself, but sustained stress, when you don’t actually ever stop, is what’s dangerous,” explains Jaffer. “It’s very important to have a relaxation period at the end of the session as this is a way of recharging your batteries and energising yourself,” she says.

PAIN RELIEF:  Daily exercises of yoga can lower the amount of cortisol in your body and also help ease aches and pains. Many people with very serious diseases have reported less pain after a daily dose of yoga. “The breath is the link between the body and the mind. So through learning to control your breath you can start to control your mind,” explains Jaffer. “Sometimes we do think negatively, so being aware of your thoughts and then learning how to control them is also part of yoga. By doing that it is mind over matter. You can relieve your own pain by doing yoga,” she says.

BETTER BREATHING:  You will learn to take deeper, slower breaths which will help increase your lung capacity and set off the body’s relaxation response; this can be one of the most powerful benefits of yoga. “Breathing exercises are very important because the more oxygen we can get into our bodies, the better every cell in our body will work,” explains Jaffer.

FOCUS ON THE PRESENT: Practised for thousands of years, yoga aims to unite the mind, the body and the spirit. It consists of ancient theories, observations and principles about the mind-body connection and can help you relax even in the midst of the most stressful environments. Daily exercises are a great way to help relieve the stress of the day and can bring a sense of well-being to your life.

“If you’re depressed you may be living in the past and if you’re anxious you may be living in the future. When you do yoga it helps you to focus on the present because you have to be very much in the moment and focus on your breath and posture.

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If these explanations of how yoga can help you focus are not sufficient to entice you to take it up, then I don’t know what will be! It’s an interesting point how better breathing will improve how every cell in our body will work.  And in today’s world it’s too easy to be focused on the future, or to dwell on the past.  Living in the present is so important – we only get one life! On this earth at least.


Yoga Can Help To Focus

If your children and are struggling to focus, then it may be worth exploring yoga.  This report by Marissa Harshman explains how Yoga can help to focus, as well as reduce stress, improve self-control and social skills among school children.

Yoga Calm blends yoga, social-skills games and counseling techniques. The result is reduced stress, improved self-control and focus, and developed social and emotional skills, Wiesner said.

The class is particularly beneficial for children who are anxious or have difficulty focusing. But it also helps kids who are shy or those who just need a way to relax after day-to-day activities, she said. To view the original source of this post, click here.

I’ve never personally explored the benefits of yoga, even though I have heard how yoga can help to focus.  Articles like this however, inspire me to do so, even though I’m not a child.   If it works for school children, then is must work for adults too?