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Existential Bummer – Jason Silva

Why we feel sad when we're in loveIn the words of Monty Python: “And now for something completely different”. This blog is about ways to focus your mind, how to be more productive, how to use your time effectively, how to get more out of your day in every walk of life, be it your Finances, Fitness (health), Faith (in yourself and others, and spirituality) or Family (and relationships). The Four Fs. When we’re able to manage our time most effectively, we’re able to focus our free time doing the things we love to do with the people we love and are able to give back. Given that it’s Friday, I thought it would be appropriate to feature something completely different – something that I think will make you happy and appreciate those closest to you. Do you ever wonder why we feel sad when we’re with someone we love?

Thank you Jason Silva!


5 Ways To Focus On Relationships

I thought it was about time for a change of the theme. Here are 5 ways to focus on relationships this holiday season, brought to you by Dorry Tolson for Integrative Nutrition. After all, it’s relationships with our friends and family that shape our lives. Whilst our means of learning and earning an income through focus and productivity are important, none of that really matters when you’re not taking care of what matters most. Healthy relationships are key to a healthy life, to get you through times of depression and lead to an abundance of happiness. Research has also shown that happily married couples live longer, and close friendships according this article, help with cancer recovery.

5 Ways To Focus On Relationships

Ways To Focus On RelationshipsCommunicate – Whether in person, through an email, over Skype, or a good old-fashioned phone call, reach out to the people you love, even if it’s just to tell them, “I love you!” A little communication goes a long way in nurturing relationships.

Give a gift – ‘Tis the season for giving, and it’s fun to get personal and creative. Give a family member or friend the night off by offering to babysit her kids, or make a batch of seasonal healthy treats to share with co-workers.

Dine together – Meet at your favorite local restaurant, or invite friends and family over for a homemade meal. To keep preparations stress-free, suggest a potluck dinner and everyone can contribute a dish.

Plan an activity – Visit a museum, meet for a walk, or decorate for the holidays together. If you’re feeling really festive, plan an ornament exchange or a holiday cookie swap with a group of friends.

Practice self-love –Don’t forget about the most important relationship – the one with yourself! Taking care of your own needs, including a spiritual practice and regular exercise, allows you the freedom to love others to the best of your ability.

Read the full article here on IntegrativeNutrition.com

These 5 ways to focus on relationships, and are an enlightening read. In our fast paced and competitive world it’s easy to lose touch with what matters most, wouldn’t you agree? We fall into the 9-5 / 8-6 / 7-7 grind, get exhausted with work, our evenings become recovery time, and our weekends are spent with as many friends or family as possible (talking from personal experience here).  Reach out this Christmas / holiday season (wherever in the world you are), and tell people you love them! (Not just after 5 pints down the local – personal experience again?)