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How To Think Like A Genius

How To Think Like A GeniusSometimes I come across articles that are just so damn good that I want to share them with everyone I know and everyone I don’t know. Thank the world of blogging! I’ve changed the name of this article from ‘Geniuses Aren’t Born – They’re Made’ to How To Think Like A Genius. During my studies of what makes people successful, I’ve come across the realisation that there’s one attribute that all successful people have and it’s the ability to focus on one task long enough to make a success of it. This article talks about how Edison failed 10,000 times before he came up with a material that would work for the lightbulb. Einstein is famous for saying “it’s not that I’m so smart, it’s that I stay with problems for longer”. The other part of it is having the motivation, the will, the burning desire to succeed with whatever it is that they’re setting out to achieve. This article will take a few minutes out of your day and I highly recommend a read: [Read more…]


Best Motivational Video Ever – You Decide

There are a number of videos on YouTube that claim to be the best motivational video ever – could this be the one?  “Life isn’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward – how much you can take, and keep moving forward” – brilliant, thanks Rocky Balboa!

Do you have a favourite motivational video? “Don’t ever let anybody tell you, you can’t do something” – so true.



5 Reasons Why Optimists Are More Successful

Optimistic People Are Successful PeopleWe’ve all come across people who are naturally more positive and optimistic, and we’ve all come across people who seem to have a very negative outlook on life. Often, entrepreneurs are optimistic people – they need to be to get through the challenges and obstacles that face them. Optimism can be contagious. Unfortunately, negativity can be more contagious and harmful to one’s outlook on life. Optimistic people have a zest for life, they’re generally healthier, happier and more successful than negative people. It’s often the case that they prioritise exercise into their daily routines as exercise releases all the right chemicals in the brain. Here are 5 reasons why optimists are more successful from Lifehack. [Read more…]


Best Motivational Videos?

Best Motivational Videos

Live Your Dream

Could these be the best motivational videos? Some of you may think they’re cheesy, others will listen and be uplifted. I for one, thought they were brilliant. I featured this first motivational video on the facebook page a few weeks ago which is definitely worth a watch if you haven’t done so already.

One of my favourite quotes from Henry Ford which is featured in the second video is “Whether you believe you can, or you can’t, you’re right”.  Are you living your dream?  [Read more…]


Living Your Passion

Living Your PassionAre you living your passion? Dan Sullivan, a highly successful entrepreneur in the US, said one of the main reasons that people struggle with focus, is that they’re not entirely sold on whatever they’re doing. They may think that they are on a conscious level, but they may not be on a subconscious level. People can also get emotionally attached to a project without completely selling themselves on the idea. I can totally relate to this with past projects I have been involved which did not go according to plan. I don’t regard them as a “failure” though as each time I have got feedback and learned from it.

There is a flip side though… [Read more…]


Focus Is Key For Success

Focus Is Key For SuccessGiven that you’re reading this blog, the chances are that you’re aware that focus is key for success. You can set as many goals as you like, have dreams, get motivated and learn, but without focused attention and action, you’ll struggle to succeed. I for one, can vouch for this which is why I started this blog in the first place and on the realisation that I was far from alone with this struggle.  In today’s world of ‘hyper distraction’ with endless opportunities it’s becoming more and more challenging to focus and be productive – which is why it is so important to develop your ability to focus – and this is very possible. [Read more…]


Results, Purpose and Massive Action – Tony Robbins

Results, Purpose, Massive Action

Source: headachecare.com/goals.html

If you’re a regular on this site, you’ll have possibly noticed that I often refer to the world famous, peak performance coach, Tony Robbins. In relation to my post on Monday about The Power Of Goal Setting, this is a clip of him talking about the importance of being absolutely clear about what you want (Results), giving yourself a strong enough why (Purpose) and then taking Massive Action. [Read more…]


10 Tools For Creating New Beginnings

As we rapidly reach the end of 2012, you may be wondering where the year went. It may be that you have had a highly successful year and wouldn’t have it any other way, or you may be feeling a little frustrated that you haven’t achieve certain things, and that may be related to love, finance, relationships, health or anything else. If you do fall into the ‘slightly frustrated’ category, it may be worth reflecting on all the positive achievements and progress that you’ve made. And then think how you want to make changes. If you are wanting to make big changes then these 10 tools for creating new beginnings from Psychology Today are well worth considering.

  1. Approaching the New YearStarting over is not the same as recouping from a failure. It is a new beginning, and you have gained experience and knowledge to help you reach your goals. Reignite your passion by imagining what it will feel like when you achieve the desired result.
  2. Moving through life is like climbing stairs. You go up a step or two, and then you level off and you may go down a step, but you are still higher than you were. That’s the process of life (and therapy) nothing is ever a straight shot. Have some patience with yourself and with your newfound direction.
  3. You can create a whole new life if you want it. You just have to approach it in the right way. Sometimes little ideas can turn into big things. Visualize a positive outcome for your issue. Medical doctors recommend visualization to patients with chronic and potentially fatal illnesses. If it can help them, it can do the same for you.
  4. Endings are not necessarily bad things. Even if you lost your job, savings or home, what comes to you in the future may be better than what you had. Sometimes the phoenix has to burn, so it can rise again.

Click here to view the whole article on Psychology Today

I thought the first point of these 10 tools for creating new beginnings is worded slightly unfavourably, as I don’t believe in the word failure – certainly if we’re talking business. I think people make mistakes and have temporary set-backs, from which you can get feedback, learn from and move on. I love the idea of visualising end goals though – and ensuring those end goals are positive. You can go as far as creating ‘mind movies’ of how you’ll feel emotionally when you achieve that goal. When you do this, whatever needs to be completed between now and that end goal becomes less significant, and you just get on and do them. Challenges and obstacles are shrunk, you can break them down, and make them happen. Bring on 2013!


Strengthen Your Brain With Exercise

We were born to move, yet too many people do not prioritise exercise. This article explains how you strengthen your brain with exercise, improve learning capabilities and also slow down aging. It was once believed that our brains stopped growing when we reached a certain age. This is of course nonsense. Our brains are constantly undergoing changes, the neurons between cells can be renewed and strengthened with the right treatment, or indeed weakened and severed when not treated with care. Exercise is key in maintaining the brain’s plasticity – its ability to build and repair and change throughout our lives. Take a few minutes out to read this no-nonsense, concise and informative article by Lori Rockl for Castanet.net.

Strengthen Your Brain With Exercise

Exercise for your brainNumerous studies have been conducted on brain plasticity to explore the changes in cellular structure which occur in the brain over time. A number of factors appear to contribute, from hormones generated inside the body to shock therapy. One of the most effective and least compromising is exercise. Studies show that people are able to enhance the flexibility of the brain by “exercising” it, much like exercising the musculoskeletal system can be improved or modified with exercise.
The growth of new brain cells and nerves – neurogenesis – happens when the brain blood volume increases. Blood volume increases during moderate exercise. The hippocampal area of the brain, the area responsible for memory and learning, is the area primarily affected by increased blood volume. This is good news for us with aging brains where memory seems to deteriorate and learning new things like language or music also seems to be fairly challenging.

Read the whole article on Castanet

Therefore, you strengthen your brain with exercise by stimulating neurogenesis. This happens when the blood volume increases which of course exercise induces. It’s frustrating to see people neglect exercise as they’re neglecting their bodies, their health as a whole and their brains. I speak from the heart, having parents who don’t seem to understand the importance of exercise, knowing that their aging could be considerably slowed if they undertook regular exercise.  Spread the word!


Ways to Motivate Yourself As An Entrepreneur

Do you ever wonder what motivates entrepreneurs to be up first thing in the morning, work hard all day, be the last person to leave the office and to often end up thinking, talking and breathing their business? I’m not suggesting that thinking, talking and breathing your business is a good thing – we all need to be able to switch off to spend quality time with family and friends etc – but the motivation behind it is interesting. Here are three ways to motivate yourself as an entrepreneur brought to you by Moses Ma of Psychology Today. He describes the findings of research conducted at The School Of Human Studies at The University of Queensland, Australia where they explored the correlation of participation and adherence to physical exercise. These findings are then translated into entrepeneurial motivation.

Ways to Motivate Yourself As An Entrepreneur

Motivation For EntrepreneursFirst, to develop the level of motivation required for successful entrepreneurship, you need to spend time with other entrepreneurs and super-motivated individuals. In other words, stop hanging out with your naysaying loser friends, because these boat anchors will drag you down. Find friends who believe in you. Next, you should create a system of “co-accountability” with entrepreneurial partners to drive you toward success. This works for writers who join “writers bootcamps” and it’ll work for entrepreneurs as well.

Second, create a physical environment that supports entrepreneurship. For a business, create a brainstorming room, dedicated to your vision, that serves as a war room for driving your business toward that goal. For an individual, be innovative and design your ideal personal workspace forcreativity.

Third, let go of negative thinking. When you find yourself getting stuck in negative thoughts, try viewing your problems as an opportunity for you to grow. Find the gift in it. If you work at shifting the way you look at the experiences of your life, you’ll be surprised at how quickly your negative thought patterns will dissolve. It is entirely possible to achieve a state of natural happiness and optimism, and this will give you a whole lot more energy to work with than negativity.

Continue reading on Psychology Today

I couldn’t agree more with these ways to motivate yourself as an entrepreneur. Surrounding yourself by like-minded individuals boosts motivation like no other. The physical environment is key to creativity and innovation – if you’re surrounded by mess with little or no daylight for instance, your mind won’t go to work for you. The colour blue is meant to induce creativity – as is nature and exercise (but that’s a whole other article). The last point is so important. Negative influences can be detrimental to your progress as I have realised. When you can remove negative thinking and put a positive spin on every negative thought, it frees up your mind and you can focus your energy on whatever it is you’re trying to achieve.