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Free Tool For Focus And Productivity – Workflowy

If you’re one to get overwhelmed by never ending to-do lists, this free tool for focus and productivity called Workflowy should ease the pressure and help you to get organised. Watch this very brief explanation and see how it can work for you. I’ve literally just signed up. At first glance it looks good! You can use it on the go the go on your ipod or ipad, although you’ll need to wait a while for an app on Android.

Here’s a review from Agbeat:

Workflowy can be used for a variety of professional tasks. It allows you to create an ongoing journal, plan and create outlines, keep track of your to-do list, and even collaborate with coworkers on both small and large projects. Workflowy helps you create massive amounts of content and data and then organize it through minimizing and maximizing what you want to see through the drop down formatting.

If you’re the type that has many projects going on at once, not to mention trying to keep on top of your personal life, Workflowy gives you the control you’re looking for. It’s also an easy way to work closely with other members of your team in a well-orchestrated environment that promotes productivity and clarity. Start the list and let your coworkers add their thoughts to the outline.

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Share this free tool for focus and productivity with anyone you feel would benefit from it. It’s free after all!


5 Ways To Focus When Working Online

Maintaining focus when you’re sat in front of your computer all day long can be challenging at the best of times – let alone when you’re working from home, online and alone. Here are 5 ways to focus when working online from ApartmentTherapy.com. As usual there are a few standard tricks, including using a timer, removing distracting websites and visual clutter. Something that caught my eye was putting your computer in “airplane mode”, meaning, going offline can be a massive time saver if you don’t need it all the time for work.

Ways To Focus When Working OnlineDisable distracting websites
The first and possibly easiest thing you can do to stay focused is disable the sites that you know distract you, especially if there are certain sites you need to access in order to work. Apartment Therapy, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter–disable them all! There are so many programs you can use for this, and most if them will allow you to set a timer for how long you want to go offline. Try SelfControl if you use a Mac,Leechblock if you’re looking for a Firefox extension, or StayFocused if you use Chrome.

Use a dedicated tool for browsing
This option is really only available if you have a secondary computing device, but it’s worth trying if you do. Whether it’s an iPad or a netbook, try doing all your work on your primary computer, and all your browsing on your secondary device. The mental jump to another device will make it a lot harder to procrastinate, as will blocking yourself entirely from browsing on your work computer.

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Which of these 5 ways to focus when working online do you most appreciate? I’m using StayFocused for Chrome – it’s handy. You can program in the sites  that you don’t want to be allowed to browse for too long, allocate maximum time allowed and then you won’t be able to access them without going through a painful release procedure. Possibly not the best use of the English language but you get what I mean!


Ways To Focus On Spirituality

If you’re a regular on this site, you may have heard me harp on about the Law Of Attraction. I’m a big believer in it, which is why this article, which I’ve renamed Ways To Focus On Spirituality, grabbed my attentionThis is a review of a book called “Realize Your Greatness: A Spectacular Journey to Success, Transformation, and Spiritual Power” written by Marilyn Gordon who is a life transformation teacher, healer, author, speaker, certified hypnotherapist, and hypnotherapy school founder/director – I think she should take on more roles. According to Webwire, you’ll have never seen a book like this before. While the book is a fairy tale, it’s based on the author’s own experiences and countless others who have overcome obstacles and challenges in their lives using the power of their mind in areas of love, relationships, finances, work and spirituality.  This book has received only 5 star reviews and will take you on a journey to learn tools for healing and transformation.

Realize Your Greatness: A Spectacular Journey to Success, Transformation, and Spiritual PowerHere’s a Quote from Alice’s Encounter with The Wise Wealthy Man:

He said, “Remember that your mind is a potent broadcasting system, transmitting and receiving vibrations, or energy, along different kinds of frequencies. Because the frequency you use to transmit is the same one that attracts vibrations back to you, it’s good to learn to transmit powerful, positive messages, increase the power, keep the transmission going constantly, and avoid negativities as much as possible. As you keep the transmissions flowing freely this way, you create great success in anything you do.

“Focus on what you want,” he continued, “and keep that in the forefront of your mind. Imagine your good. Expect great things. Remember that greatness resides in you, dwell on abundance, and know that you are filled with light.”

He was transfixing everyone with his magnetism.
“You are manifesting your aspirations now. Believe this is so, and it is certainly so.”

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I don’t know about you, but having read Ways To Focus On Spirituality, I’m putting this book at the top of my reading list. One of the reviews on Amazon actually says “This book will change your life”. At which point would you not open your mind to the chance that the Law Of Attraction may just be true? Why is it that positive people attract positive things and negative people attract negative things? Why do those in debt attract more debt whereas those who are wealthy attract more wealth? Some people attract love and relationships while others can’t seem to find a partner. The Law Of Attraction is largely about focusing on what you want, rather than on what you don’t have or don’t want. If you focus on what you don’t have, you’ll attract more of that, whereas if you only focus on what you want, then you’ll attract that. A huge part of it is removing all negatives from your life or as much as is humanly possible. If you’d like to learn more about The Law Of Attraction then watch The Secret, and read Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill (first published in 1937 – be careful which version you get, the original is best).


Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life – And Get Focused!

I have called this post Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life – And Get Focused, because if you read the book and apply all that is taught, then you’ll be well on your way to getting focused.  If you have not read the book, then this review by Shannon Fitzgerald for Pyschology Today may just entice you to do so.  The authors, Paul Hammerness, assistant professor of psychiatry at Harvard’s Medical School, and Margaret Moore, assistant psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital’s Department of Psychiatry provide a scientific approach in the field of neuroscience and a practical application of all that is explained.

Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life

Within this book we gradually move with the authors through the all of the Rules of Order: “Taming the Frenzy;” “Sustaining Attention;” “Applying the Brakes;” “Molding Information;” “Shift Setting” and “Connecting the Dots” (where we learn to put together each one of these valuable tenets to form a practical design with which to newly approach our lives).  If ever, during the course of the narrative, we doubt the real need for adjusting our turbulent lifestyles, the authors rein us back in with new understandings in neuroscience and another example of someone burning the proverbial candle at both ends.

As the book claimed from the beginning, Coach Meg and Dr. Hammerness offer us tools with which “to tap into our embedded organizational skills, improve focus and attention and better structure our life.”  As someone who has at times struggled with the challenges of ADHD, I practice mindfulness meditation, engage in regular physical activity (which the authors strongly urge) and attempt to eat well.  This book is a priceless addition to my library in terms of very tangible life skills that will certainly improve my ability to organize and manage my hectic schedule.

In addition, I look forward to pursuing some of the websites and citations found within this gem.  For these two gifted authors to utilize them, it will certainly be worth my time and effort to follow up on all extraneous information offered.  I cannot recommend Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life enough, as it truly does just what it sets out to do:  educates and empowers the reader to “train your brain to get more done in less time.”  It would hard to begin to put a cost on that.

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So make sure to read Organize Your Mind, Organize Your Life – and get focused! Interestingly, though not unsurprisingly, they touch on the field of multitasking, and how one who multitasks will under-perform on all such tasks if he/she completes them at all. Does that sound familiar?

Organize Your Mind, Organize your Life: Train Your Brain To Get More Done In Less Time



Tools To Help You Focus

Sometimes it’s just easier to use tools to help you focus. Here, Lily F. Karlin has written for TheCrimson.com (Harvard University life blog) explaining some of the great (free) tools out there that can help you as a student to focus, but these tips can be applied to anyone really.  I have excerpted two out of five tools which I found most interesting.

Tools To Help You Focus


How often do you wish you could just read faster? Spreeder is an easy-to-use website that allows readers to do just that. The website posits that humans can consume text faster than does the inner reading voice—that is, the voice that aligns with how fast one can read a passage out loud. To use the website, just upload a chunk of text into the provided box. The program will flash the words onto the screen at an increased speed, forcing you to consume them before they disappear from sight. Determine through trial and error the speed that works best for you, and then set your preferences. Increase the speed setting periodically to further sharpen your skills.

Focus Booster

Focus booster is an application based on the Pomodoro Technique, a method of studying that promotes timed intervals of focus interspersed with brief breaks for the brain.

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Why not try these tools to help you focus? Spreeder sounds like a great idea and totally original.  Another one I came across which I featured on this site was called GetFocused – an add-on for Google Chrome web browser.  You can apply time limits to websites where you don’t want to waste too much time.  If you try to extend the time limit greater than what is suggested, a jokey message will say something along the lines of “dude, are you absolutely sure?”



How To Stay Focused: A useful tool

I’ve been working for myself and online for about 1.5 years now, and until the last few months, do not think I managed to work efficiently for more than a few hours a day.  The first thing I’d do is check my emails, then facebook, respond to pointless messages, update my status in a pointless fashion, browse new pictures, then browse pictures that I’d already seen before,  and before I knew it, it would be lunch time. I’d then go for a run or do some other form of exercise, then shower, eat lunch and sit back down about 4pm, by which time I’d have more personal emails to respond to. I’d reply to them, check facebook, then realise the time, panic, and then get a few hours work done before making dinner.  I’d then say to myself, I work much better at night anyway and I’ll be able to stay focused, but by the time I’d eaten, a great film would be on TV which I’d obviously seen before.  No work would get done, and procrastination would prevail.  You get the idea. Does this sound familiar at all do you?

I have just come across a very useful tool called Stay Focused which can be easily added to your Chrome browser.  It allows you to manage your time on various sites, such as facebook where you can set the maximum time you’ll allow yourself.  The default setting is 10 minutes.  If you try to increase it, you’ll be asked a jokey message assuring yourself that you actually want to do that. If you do want to extend your time having set it, then you’ll have to go through a laborious process, with the aim of actually putting you off the idea.  If you’re struggling to stay focused, without a boss, and are challenging to manage your time effectively, then I’d highly recommend this free tool: Stay Focused