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How To Kill Creativity, The Microsoft Way


Satya Nadelli, the new CEO of Microsoft, says he wants to foster a culture of innovation. He’d best first get rid of its roadblocks.

The new CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, says he has two priorities: inciting innovation and making work at Microsoft meaningful. Neither of these is simple. But the clear first step he can take is to stop all of those things that kill people’s creativity. According to psychologists Teresa Amabile and Beth Hennessey, these are:

Working for an expected reward. This doesn’t mean not paying people. But attaching bonuses to tasks and targets doesn’t make them more inspiring. It makes them dreary. [Read more…]


Bruce Lee’s Best Productivity Tricks

Bruce Lee's Best Productivity Tricks

Bruce Lee is one of history’s most productive people, which is pretty amazing considering he died at 32 years old. He was not only an action film star and martial artist, but also an instructor, screenwriter, director, and philosopher. Here’s just a small bit of what we can learn from him.  [Read more…]


5 Steps to Turning Your Passion To Profits

Turn Your Passion To Profits

Surely you can’t be serious? Yes I am and don’t call me Shirley. People all over the world are earning a sizeable living from their passions now we’re living in the Information Age. Times have changed. It’s so much easier now to live the dream thanks to the Internet. I’ve done it myself – written a few ebooks in the men’s health and fitness niche and they’re selling. They may not be selling like hot cakes just yet but they’re selling. I’m just working on the marketing to up the sales. You can research your market so quickly nowadays and figure out whether demand is there. You can see what your competition is doing within minutes. Here are 5 steps to turning your passion to profits from Enrepreneur.com.  [Read more…]


The Importance Of Spending Time With Winners

Spend Time With WinnersThe original title of this was ‘Stop Spending Time With Toxic People’ but it sounded a little harsh for 2 days after Christmas! It is also a subject very close to home so to speak. As we move into the New Year, I think it’s something really worth thinking about if you’re setting up a business or striving for something that people close to you cannot relate to. It’s challenging enough building a business without the psychological challenges brought on as a result of conflicts and/or toxic input from people close to you. We become who we spend out time with so get out there and spend time with encouraging people in 2014!  And check out this great article from Entrepreneur.com of course.. [Read more…]


6 Attributes of Highly Successful People

Successful CartoonIf you could study successful people and copy their traits and characteristics wouldn’t it be much easier to become successful yourself? These 6 attributes of highly successful people will help you to do just that. Success leaves clues. We can model successful people and follow in their footsteps if we do so effectively – which is why modelling and finding a mentor or coach is always highly recommended.  [Read more…]


How To Think Like A Genius

How To Think Like A GeniusSometimes I come across articles that are just so damn good that I want to share them with everyone I know and everyone I don’t know. Thank the world of blogging! I’ve changed the name of this article from ‘Geniuses Aren’t Born – They’re Made’ to How To Think Like A Genius. During my studies of what makes people successful, I’ve come across the realisation that there’s one attribute that all successful people have and it’s the ability to focus on one task long enough to make a success of it. This article talks about how Edison failed 10,000 times before he came up with a material that would work for the lightbulb. Einstein is famous for saying “it’s not that I’m so smart, it’s that I stay with problems for longer”. The other part of it is having the motivation, the will, the burning desire to succeed with whatever it is that they’re setting out to achieve. This article will take a few minutes out of your day and I highly recommend a read: [Read more…]


Seth Godin Explains Failing Until You Succeed

Seth GodinI thought this was a fitting video further to the last post on why most people never find their purpose. Here, Seth Godin explains failing until you succeed. We live in a culture that doesn’t encourage entrepreneurship. It doesn’t encourage trying and failing. “Failing” is frowned upon which prevents most people from even trying. In the Industrial Age, trying and failing would be costly. We are no longer living in the Industrial Age though. We’re in the Information Age where trying and failing doesn’t have to cost us anything. The only thing that stops us trying is ourselves – because we’ve been brainwashed into the idea that failure means the end of the world. Starting a business has never been easier – access to information, access to technology, access to tried and tested systems, coaches, mentors and access to capital – if you need it. I’d highly recommend setting aside 20 minutes to watch this video, it’s well worth a watch. [Read more…]


Why Most People Never Find Their Purpose


If you’re feeling unfulfilled in your working life at all, firstly you are not alone (as this survey revealed) and secondly you should definitely read this article. If you believe we live in a screwed up society, then definitely read this article. If you don’t think we live in a screwed up society, then definitely read this article. Are you getting the impression I want you to read this article? It talks about how most of us live and work to fulfil expectations of others – of society, family, friends etc and we’re reared by an outdated education system designed for the Industrial Age as Sir Ken Robinson points out in this video. Here’s why most people never find their purpose from Inc.com. [Read more…]


Best Motivational Video Ever – You Decide

There are a number of videos on YouTube that claim to be the best motivational video ever – could this be the one?  “Life isn’t about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward – how much you can take, and keep moving forward” – brilliant, thanks Rocky Balboa!

Do you have a favourite motivational video? “Don’t ever let anybody tell you, you can’t do something” – so true.



Upshift By Downshifting Your Life

Freedom - Upshift by Downshifting your LifeDo you ever a step back to assess what you’re doing with your life is actually what you want to be doing? Are you spending enough quality time with those closest to you? Are you engaging in your favourite activities as much as you’d like to be? Are you making use of your creativity? It’s easy to get sucked into the societal way of thinking, do the 9-5 grind (or 8-6, or 7-7), and lose sight of what actually matters. A survey last year published shocking statistics revealing that two thirds of workers in the US and Canada were dissatisfied with their working lives. Given that we work 5 days out of seven for 48 weeks a year – that’s a massive chunk out of our lives to be dissatisfied isn’t it? [Read more…]