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Ways To Focus And Get Centered

If you think multitasking is effective, then think again! Here are some ways to focus and get centered written by Martina McGowan for Business2Community.com. Women are better at multitasking than men apparently, but is that really a great thing? I’m about to get some unlikes for that comment. Not only does multitasking lead to counter-productivity but it’s been scientifically proven to be damaging to our brains.  This article caught my attention as it’s another example of how multitasking is ineffective. In order to achieve, it’s vital to hone in one one task at a time otherwise each task being attempted will only be completed at a lower level of competency.

Ways To Focus And Get Centered

Exert your self control! It is one of the most difficult things in the world to remain centered, but you must corral your thoughts to stop straying and return to the work at hand.

Find a purpose to help drive you. We commonly lack motivation if we lack a purpose. Without a reason that’s big enough, without a “why” that is part of you, you will have a tough time moving forward consistently. If the purpose is big enough, then the how will almost always handle itself. Failure isn’t even a fleeting thought.

Clear up your goals. Perhaps your goal is a million dollars or a boat that you wish to purchase when you reach your goal. Work toward your stated reason in incremental steps.

Find and repeat a “focus mantra.” Find your focus. Is it a boat? If it’s the boat in our example, then you will want to read about it, daydream about it, look online or in papers, travel to boat shows and stores and slowly but surely you produce enough thought energy in that area to help materialize all of the things, individuals, chances and cash essential to bring the boat into your life. The notion of the boat becomes real to you in a very emotionally charged way.

Make sure your want for the purpose is strong enough. The most crucial question to ask before you attempt to accomplish any goal is, “Do I truly have a strong enough desire to make this happen?” You need a powerful enough purpose to propel you and give you that magical gleam in your eyes when you consider it. If not, the work will prove futile. Simply search deeper and keep seeking that which truly sparks you.

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Please share these ways to focus and get centered if you liked them! I liked the point about repeating a focus mantra – it helps to communicate to your subconscious mind your dreams and aspirations. Your subconscious mind then works with you to bring those into reality. It helps to give you purpose and motivation  to do whatever you need to do, to enable for you to achieve those dreams and aspirations. It’s also completely in tune with the Law Of Attraction, and as Tony Robbins always says: “Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want, or don’t have” – if you focus on what you don’t want, then you’ll attract that into your life. By focusing on what you want, and visualise it, then equally, you’ll attract that into your life. Does that sound a little wacky? I don’t think so.


Struggling To Focus As You’re Addicted To Distractions?

We’re living in a world surrounded by a myriad of distractions. Have you ever wondered if you’re struggling to focus as you’re addicted to distractions? With social media taking over the the internet/our world, it’s not difficult to understand that this may be a new phenomenon. According to Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D. for Psychology Today, it’s all down to dopamine in our brains as we seek pleasure and instant gratification;

Struggling to Focus As You’re Addicted To Distractions?

Turn off distractions to focusPleasure vs. seeking  You may have heard that dopamine controls the “pleasure” systems of the brain: that dopamine makes you feel enjoyment, pleasure, and therefore motivates you to seek out certain behaviors, such as food, sex, and drugs. Recent research is changing this view. Instead of dopamine causing you to experience pleasure, the latest research shows that dopamine causes seeking behavior. Dopamine causes you to want, desire, seek out, and search. It increases your general level of arousal and your goal-directed behavior. From an evolutionary stand-point this is critical. The dopamine seeking system keeps you motivated to move through your world, learn, and survive. It’s not just about physical needs such as food, or sex, but also about abstract concepts. Dopamine makes you curious about ideas and fuels

Not without costs 
 This constant stimulation of the dopamine system can be exhausting. And the constant switching of attention makes it hard to get anything accomplished. Can you do anything to get out of a dopamine loop? Or prevent getting in one in the first place?your searching for information. The latest research shows that it is theopioid system (separate from dopamine) that makes us feel pleasure.

Turn off the cues  One of the most important things you can do to prevent or stop a dopamine loop, and be more productive is to turn off the cues. Adjust the settings on your cell phone and on your laptop, desktop or tablet so that you don’t receive the automatic notifications. Automatic notifications are touted as wonderful features of hardware, software, and apps. But they are actually causing you to be like a rat in a cage. If you want to get work done you need to turn off as many auditory and visual cues as possible. It’s the best way to prevent and break the dopamine loops.

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It’s a little scary wouldn’t you agree that you may be struggling to focus as you’re addicted to distractions? To be honest, this doesn’t surprise me in the least. As we flit from one social media site to another, from text to phone call to push notification from wherever, we’ll soon be multitasking so ineffectively that we achieve nothing! The key to focus is to remove yourself from distractions, so turn these notifications off and put yourself and your computer in ‘airplane mode’.



20 Ways To Improve Focus And Concentration

These 20 ways to improve focus and concentration are brought to you by Renita Tisha Pinto for The Times Of India and they’re a great reminder of some very simple methods to improve your focus and concentration. She advises to never be negative; if you tell yourself that you can’t focus or concentrate then you’ll force your mind into believing that, and what you believe, will prevail. Conversely if you tell yourself that you can focus and concentrate, then you’ll find it a lot easier to do so! It’s all in your mind..

20 Ways To Improve Focus And Concentration

Organisation For FocusControl your thoughts

The key to concentration is to not allow your mind to distract you with casual thoughts.

When unrelated thoughts emerge in the mind, pay no attention to them and actively focus on the task you are trying to accomplish.

Make a time plan

Make a schedule for the jobs to be done. In order to balance, allocate time appropriately to serious tasks, and to leisure as well.

This will help you feel more fulfilled and less weak toward playful distractions.

Never be negative

Do not tell yourself that you cannot concentrate; this will make it more difficult to focus, because you will force your mind to be short of concentration and attention.

Avoid Multi-tasking

Multi-tasking ensures that we cannot concentrate on one single task at hand when we have a horde of tasks lying in front of us. Continue reading on Times Of India

I was very happy to see that avoiding multitasking featured in these 20 ways to improve focus and concentration. Not only is multitasking highly ineffective, but it is harmful to your mind. Flitting between various tasks causes chaos in your brain, as your brain was not designed to function like that. The longer you do it, the more harm if causes, and the harder you’ll find it to concentrate and focus. There are a number of articles on multitasking on this site if you’re interested to read more about. Search under “multitasking” in the top search bar if you’d like to read more.


5 Ways To Focus For Entrepreneurs

When you start off as an entrepreneur or even further down the line, it’s very easy to lose focus with the not so interesting tasks such as the day to day admin, operational issues etc – if you’re the creative type that is, which you probably are if you’re an entrepreneur. If you have a short attention span, that’s made even harder. Here are 5 ways to focus for entrepreneurs written by Michael Hess for cbsnews.com. I’ve excerpted the last twe points as they’re more original, not that the first 3 points aren’t useful, as they really are. Actually, he talks about going on a “metreat” in no. 3 which I thought was an enlightening concept. In fact, I might just go on one myself.

5 Ways To Focus For Entrepreneurs

Focus On Long Term Results 4. Shut up and stare: This is a tough one for me, because while I know that it’s better to listen more than you talk, I still talk a lot. It’s my noisy brain letting some of the noise out (that’s my story and I’m sticking with it). But I am making a concerted effort to do better, and I’ve found it helps to stare at people; not in a creepy way, but in an undistracted way. I notice that when my attention starts to wander, my eyes often follow. We all know the importance of eye contact, and aside from just being a good people skill, looking intently at people when they speak actually helps your brain — and your mouth — quiet down.

5. Focus on the outcome: One of the problems with the attention-challenged is that we get bored by process. We dwell on the dread and tedium of staring at reports or sitting in meetings; we crave action and results. So instead of thinking “I don’t want to deal with this inventory report,” I remind myself that we’ll have a great holiday season if we have the right stock of our key products. Sounds simplistic, but focusing on the payoff actually does help me to give that boring report the attention it needs.There’s a prize at the end of the spreadsheet.

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Which is your favourite out of these 5 ways to focus for entrepreneurs? I thought point no.4 was great. However, if you’re trying so hard to make eye contact (and seem interested in what someone is saying) the very fact that you’re trying so hard to make eye contact and concentrate, makes it virtually impossible to listen and comprehend what they’re saying. I’m a master at this. Focusing on the outcome is superb advice and is in tune with goal setting. If you can focus on the goal, or achievement, or better still the emotional feeling you’ll experience on reaching that goal, then it’s a lot easier to get things done.


Ways To Focus When Studying Outdoors

If you’re a student this summer, and having to study, then doing so indoors when it’s beautiful outdoors is never a pleasant feeling. Here are a few short, but sweet, ways to focus when studying outdoors. They are brought to you by Jeremy Teel for American Intercontinental University.

Ways To Focus When Studying Outdoors

Ways To Focus When Studying OutdoorsSit in a shady, peaceful place. Sitting in a shady spot can be relaxing. Your mind can better absorb information when it is relaxed, so find a shady, quiet place. Outdoor activities and noises can be distracting. You can be more likely to stay focused if those tempting distractions aren’t nearby.

Define goals and set up a schedule. If you find yourself drifting from your studies, create specific goals before you start. Goals can keep you motivated and moving forward while you work. To help meet your goals, allot periods of time for specific tasks. Keeping track of the time can help you maintain a good work pace and complete the necessary tasks.

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If you can think of more ways to focus when studying outdoors then please share them below and of course, share these tips too. I can remember having to study in the summer and it was painful doing so indoors when it was so inviting to be outside. When I did attempt to study outside, it was in my back garden in the sun, when I couldn’t read as the glare was unbearable and I’d have perspiration running down my forehead. Shade is a much better option, wish I’d thought of that!


Food For Focus

Do you ever consider how your choice of breakfast can have an impact on your mind and ability to focus? Or more importantly so, your child’s ability to concentrate at school? This article, which I’ve renamed food for focus is an important read for any parent. In fact, even if you’re not a parent, the content is well worth digesting.

Food For Focus

Food For Focus

The sugary cereal gives your children an immediate boost in energy, so don’t be surprised if they are jumping up and down in the back of your car and running around like mad in the playground but then, what you tend not to see, but teachers report, are the carbohydrate crashes your children experience just as they are entering the classroom door – dips in energy caused by the body running out of the quick burn sugary carbohydrates, leaving them feeling irritable, tired, hungry and moody, all considerably affecting their ability to concentrate.

Keeping these sugary cereals away from the breakfast table and replacing with porridge mixed with something like Udo’s Oil, a source of polyunsaturated fats that provide a stable, slow burn source of energy that keeps them feeling fuller for longer and maintains their energy levels in the classroom allowing them to concentrate.

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Now that’s food for focus. I think it’s shocking how there’s so much advertising for really sugary and unhealthy breakfast cereals like Coco pops, Chrunchy Nut Cornflakes, Frosties, Rice Crispies etc, which really don’t do anyone any good. I used to eat those types of cereals as a kid – no wonder I had difficulties concentrating. Having recently taken a keen interest in nutrition, there’s no way I’d dream of eating those type so cereals to start my day. In addition to the detrimental effects on your brain, these ‘fast carbs’ cause blood sugar levels to rise and insulin levels to peak which induces your body to enter starvation mode, meaning your body starts to store fat.


How Music Can Help You Focus

Attempting to focus with the TV in the TV in the background is never a great idea but this article from SheKnows.com explains how music can help you focus and also reduce stress. If you’re a guy, don’t be put off that this article comes from a women’s website – the advice is applicable to everyone! According to Brenda Buescher, listening to music without lyrics is most effective when you’re trying to focus – understandably so, I can’t imagine you’d achieve much with the Prodigy playing in the background.

Focus With MusicMusic helps you tune out stress

Freaking out? Music can soothe your frayed nerves, according to the American Music Therapy Association. Researchers at Yale University School of Medicine found that surgical patients were less stressed if they listened to 30 minutes of their favorite music while they waited for their procedures. Critically ill patients in the intensive care unit at Massachusetts General Hospital felt less anxiety after they listened to an hour of Mozart’s piano sonatas. Harmonious tunes with notes that progress from low to high tend to be most relaxing, but the best music for reducing anxiety is the music that you like best.

Get into the groove at work

Low-key tunes might even make you a better professional. The journal Work recently published a study showing that young workers concentrated better when they listened to music without lyrics. Instrumental background music could help focus your attention on your next project at the office. Beware of music that you feel strongly about, though. If you really like (or really don’t like) a piece of music, it can distract you from the task you’re working on.

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If you liked this article about how music can help you focus, then do share with the share buttons below. I wholeheartedly agree that music can totally lift your mood, reduce stress and help you to exercise harder and for longer. It takes you to a happy place. I can’t think of a better motivational song for running to than Eye Of the Tiger by Survivor but this wouldn’t be quite as effective when sitting at your desk attempting to solve complex problems.


5 Ways To Focus With Meditation

If you’re a regular on this site you’ll have seen quite few posts on meditation. This is because it is a proven technique for focusing, reducing stress, anxiety, relaxation plus many other benefits. Here are 5 ways to focus with meditation written by Danielle Mika Nagel for The Huffington Post. If you’d like to read a quick article about the benefits of meditation, click here.  Here are two of my favourite points. To read them all, click on the link below the article.

Ways To Focus With Meditation1. Silence before email. 
Morning meditations give you a chance at clarity before your mind becomes busy with the thoughts and activities of the day. If your routine wakeup involves checking your inbox in bed, swap your mobile phone for a few minutes of morning silence. Have a comfortable cushion set up in a peaceful area of your home. Make it a habit to come to this spot before you do anything. Sit tall and allow yourself to focus on your breath. Deeply inhale, then deeply exhale. When a thought enters your mind, notice it, then return to your breath. Repeat this exercise for 10 minutes.

5. Move.
Whether you’re tied to your desk, stuck in traffic or caught in meetings, the average Canadian worker spends three quarters of the day sitting. The simple act of moving your body purposefully can be meditative. Go for a short run, do some simple yoga stretches or put on a song that motivates you to dance. The act of moving with intention will force you to get out of your head and into your body.

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I quoted these two points from the 5 ways to focus with meditation for a few reasons; checking email first thing in the morning can clutter up your work day at the best of times as the process immediately distracts you from your plan for the day (which you’ll have set the previous day before leaving work). You can get sucked in to hours of responding to emails, and before you know it, you’ve achieved very little. As per Tim Ferris’ The Four Hour Work Week (a great book!) turn off your instant delivery of emails and check them at two specific time slots; just before lunch and again at around 4pm.

Secondly, the notion that the simple act of moving can be meditative was interesting. We know that exercise is among the top best ways to focus, but for it to also act as a form of meditation gives it even more weight as an absolute necessity in your life if you want to focus and maintain an all-round healthy lifestyle too.




5 Ways To Beat Stress At Work

Feeling stressed? Ever feel your near burnout? I’m sure most of us have been there and it’s a horrible feeling. Stress can seriously hinder your ability to focus. Here are 5 ways to beat  stress at work written for Forbes.com by Sara McCord of which I have excerpted the first (and my favourite) point. It’s so easy to sit at your desk for hours on end without realising where the time is going, and to get stressed that you’re not achieving much. Too much time in front of the computer is counter-productive as your brain actually needs a change of scene.

1. Take a Lunch Break (Or Better Yet, a Walk)

Ways To Beat Stress At Work When you’re exhausted, it can be tempting to just stay at your desk through lunch or spend that extra 10 minutes you have browsing Facebook. But save being glued to your computer screen for the times when it’s unavoidable—and make yourself get a change of scenery. I promise, it’ll be much more refreshing, and it will probably even make you more productive when you get back to your seat.

Better yet, if you have some degree of flexibility in your hours, take advantage of it. Can you work from home one day a week, or from a coffee shop? At my last job, I found a lunchtime yoga class and negotiated coming in a half hour earlier two days each week to attend it. It helped me get physically out of the office, not to mention stay sane—and my zen attitude totally benefited the office.

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The reason this is my favourite of the 5 ways to beat stress at work is also down to people have ‘light bulb’ moments when they’re away from the task in hand. If you’re trying and trying and trying to focus on a task but struggling to find a solution, the best solution to that is to take a break. The answer often just springs to mind when you’re not putting all your energy into finding that answer. It’s the subconscious working in the background, as you may have understood from previous posts.

Leaving the office at lunch I think is so important as well. I’d often see people bring packed lunches and sit in the work canteens or even at their desks. How can your brain refresh in such an environment? Your brain needs oxygen just like the rest of your organs to going for a brisk stroll at lunch in the fresh air is an excellent way to recharge.


Ways To Focus Through Better Organisation

If you think you have a mild case ADD/ADHD (without a clinical diagnosis) then this article from GetButtonedUp.com may change your opinion. We are a apparently a little over liberal with the labeling of ADD/ADHD and this opinion leads on from the professional insight of neuropsychologist, Dr Jerome Schwarts of Harvard Medical School. He states that “ADHD is a clearly diagnosable neuro-biological disorder, which is characterized by developmentally inappropriate impulsivity and inattention and occurs in about 4.4% of adults.” So for the rest of us, the chances are that we need to better organize ourselves and this is relatively easily achieved when you go back to basics. Here are a few ways to focus through better organisation:

Ways To Focus Through Better OrganisationWays To Focus Through Better Organisation

The brain is an organ that controls focus, thinking, and pretty much literally everything else that you do or feel. Everything. But just like all of our other organs, to function properly and efficiently it requires some very basic things: sleep, exercise, hydration, and a healthy diet. Surprised? We didn’t think so.

Somewhere the message gets lost in translation. If you are having trouble focusing ask yourself if you’re treating it as one: Have I eaten today? Did I sleep well last night? When was the last time I exercised? Am I eating in a way that promotes or diminishes focus? If the answer to any of these questions is no (with most of us, at least one will be) then perhaps it’s time to organize your life in an effort to focus better.

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I think for the majority of us, these ways to focus through better organisation are sound advice. I have at times wondered whether I have ADD and had it been a condition when I was at school, then I’d have been diagnosed with it. Many of my school reports would say I had a concentration span of 5 minutes and I could never concentrate on my homework – except for one subject, music. I struggled through two degrees which I believe now, weren’t inline with my true strengths. Could it therefore simply be, that you can focus easily on whatever interests you, and will naturally struggle when attempting to focus on subjects that are not of interest, or not inline with your strengths? What do you think?