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Breathing Techniques Can Help Your Child To Focus

When I look back at my school days, I remember having the concentration span of a goldfish. One of my school reports actually said that my concentration span was gone after 5 minutes when I was seen to be looking out of the window. Another teacher decided to tell my parents that I was too laid back, sometimes so laid back I was almost horizontal. Whilst I found that highly amusing, my parents didn’t. Is your child struggling to focus in school like I did? This insightful article, written by Suzy DeYoung of The Oxford Patch explains how breathing techniques can help your child to focus.

Madison, age 10: “It has taught me how to focus more on the task. It also helped me control my anger when I get mad in school. I like it because it calms you and soothes your mind.”

These breathing techniques can help your child to focus at school and at home. In fact, I’m going to try them myself. Thank you Suzy DeYoung.

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