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About Neil

I am a writer/creator of digital information products and curator across various areas of interest, including health and fitness and focusing.

I started this blog through my own frustrations of not being able to focus and figured it would be an excellent way to learn focusing techniques and share these methods with others at the same time.  I’ve already picked up some great methods since starting this blog through reading and curating some very interesting articles, all about focusing.

I’m passionate about new ideas, those with an entrepreneurial flair, reading and writing, and helping others in areas of weakness where I once struggled.

Focusing techniques can be applied to people from all walks of life, at all ages, in all areas of interest, and I’ve covered some of these in the categories, including focusing for students, entrepreneurs, employees, leaders, athletes, school children and ADHD.  In today’s environment, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to focus with distractions all around us, including emails, texts, phone calls, social media, a ridiculous assortment of TV channels and gaming consoles that appear to have taken over some people’s lives.

The aim of this blog is to provide an information platform where people can visit daily, interact with others, and learn how to get past these distractions in order to focus on whatever their goals may be.

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