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7 Ways To Boost Productivity When You’re Tired

How To Boost Productivity When You're TiredWhat a fitting post for a Monday. Unless you’ve had a revitalising weekend enriched with exercise, healthy food and no alcohol, Mondays can be a struggle! Here are 7 ways to boost your productivity when you’re tired. Unsurprisingly, movement is the first method to boost your energy levels. It’s fascinating what happens to our brains when we exercise – we really can’t function effectively without it. Interesting to see ‘get some sun’ featured – no wonder people go into melt down in the winter. I think everyone suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) to some extent.

7 Ways To Boost Productivity When You’re Tired

1. Get Moving

I know it seems counterproductive, but exercise actually can give you a boost of energy. A morning workout can help you get through the first part of your day more easily, as can a workout when your afternoon slump hits instead of an energy drink. Some studies suggest that taking a break from work to exercise will give you a productivity boost that will help counteract the time you spent away from the office.

If you can’t get away for a real workout, just jumping up and down at your desk or doing a little stretching can get your blood flowing enough to make you function better and feel a little more energized.

What’s more, if you are tired because you’re not sleeping well, regular exercise can help you sleep better. Check out my article on How to Fall Asleep Fast for more on that.

2. Get Some Sun

If you can’t get out into fresh air and sunlight, find some bright light indoors. Either way you’ll get an energy boost, but natural light is better, because increasing your levels of vitamin D—which you’ll do if you step outside for 15 minutes—can make you feel more energetic and less moody and stressed. You could even combine these two tips and take a walk in the sunshine for a double boost of focus and improved energy.

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Which of these tips do you most resonate with? I’ve recently found that drinking water can have an almost immediate effect on my mental energy – not so surprising given that our brains are made up of around 85% water. Instead of reaching for a coffee or tea, try having a pint of water. With this in mind, imagine how dehydrated your brain is after sleeping for 8 or so hours – reenergise with water first thing. Another thing I’ve noticed recently is how breathing deeply and thoroughly has an instant effect on my mental energy. Most of us don’t breathe properly these days apparently.


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