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7 Reasons To Quit Your Job And Follow Your Dream

Quit your JobEvery now and again I stumble across an article which I just love and know others will too. Here are 7 reasons to quit your job and follow your dream which I suspect you’ll struggle to argue with. I recently read about a poll that was done in the US and it revealed that two thirds of the US were dissatisfied at work. Given that we typically work 5 days a week for 48 weeks a year (more in the US) that’s one huge chunk out of your life being dissatisfied isn’t it? As creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson points out, we’re all born creative, it’s just the most of us have been educated out of our creativity. Unfortunately we live in a society which steers us towards getting a job, rather than figuring out a way of living your passion and adding value to the lives of others by doing so. Here are 7 reasons to face your fears and sack your boss.

7 Reasons To Quite Your job And Follow Your Dream

1. You’ll be in control of your own life.

Follow your dreams or someone else will hire you to build theirs.

There are no managers, no company regulations and no policy restrictions when you finally quit your job — only the freedom and the liberation to chase the things that you’re completely passionate (and knowledgeable!) about. Most of the time, your dream job may not even exist, so you should create it for yourself.

2. You’ll have more opportunities to develop responsibility and accountability.

Because you’re going to be your own boss, you’re going to be entirely responsible for what is going to happen to your destiny. Therefore, you’re going to be more hands-on in terms of doing the activities related to your dream job. You’ll learn to tighten the belt and make your money stretch. You’ll learn to follow up. You’ll learn to be answerable for you decisions.

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Do you have a favourite? Out of the seven of these, I’d have to say the first is one of the most compelling reasons to follow your dream. For as long as you work for someone else, they’re in control of everything you do, they decide which hours you work, how much money you will earn, how much holiday you can take, how much freedom you can have see your friends and family etc.  Unless you work in the public service, that kind of lifestyle kinda sucks! Number 4, “forgetting the mindless drone” was a big one for me. I had a number of jobs in the corporate world and was never fulfilled. It got to a point where I felt that time was being stolen from me each day. Why do most people not follow their ideas or dreams? Fear of failure? Lack of “financial security”? (We all know that doesn’t work anymore) Limiting beliefs?


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