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6 Ways To Avoid Work-Family Burnout

Starting your own business is time consuming and can easily eat into your family life if you’re not careful. Here are 6 ways to avoid work-family burnout brought to you by Melinda Emerson for The Huffington Post. She shares some great tips like treating your family as your number one business client, never bringing work home with you, and engaging your family in your business. I read this advice in one of Richard Branson’s books – so it must be good!

6 Ways To Avoid Work-Family Burnout

  1. Focus on being present, wherever you are. Entrepreneurs always have a lot going on. We’ll appear distracted at best, disrespectful at worst. Give people your full attention everywhere you go by setting appointments for meetings and phone calls when you know you won’t be disturbed and taking care of anything pressing beforehand. Be present with your loved ones, too. Do not take calls once you pick up the kids from school, while you’re out at the ball field or during dinner.
  2.  Use the “5 before 11 a.m.” principle. I learned this great technique from the book The 7 Minute Solution by Allyson Lewis. Simply make a list of five essential things that need doing each day, and focus on getting them all done by 11 a.m. Make your list the day before, so you can begin tackling the list immediately each morning. Continue reading all tips on The Huffington Post

What did you think of these 6 ways to avoid work-family burnout? Please share your thoughts below. It’s too easy as an entrepreneur to allow your business to take over your life and you can find yourself neglecting your family and loved ones – who are of course much more important than any amount of money.


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