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6 Attributes of Highly Successful People

Successful CartoonIf you could study successful people and copy their traits and characteristics wouldn’t it be much easier to become successful yourself? These 6 attributes of highly successful people will help you to do just that. Success leaves clues. We can model successful people and follow in their footsteps if we do so effectively – which is why modelling and finding a mentor or coach is always highly recommended. 

6 Attributes of Highly Successful People

Conviction. Being an entrepreneur is not the easy road to success. Sure, you’re your own boss—making the conversation in which you ask for a raise far less awkward—but the hours are long, the market always crowded, the naysayers plenty. There will be discouraging news. But the ability to stand behind your decisions is essential. No one else can tell you what you want for your company, and don’t let them try.

Drive. As an entrepreneur, time is not on your side. The best-laid plans are those that are executed as swiftly as possible. Don’t sit on an idea or wait until you’ve had a chance to “sleep on it.” Act now.

Innovation. The original brainchild might have been the thing that got you excited enough to take the leap into entrepreneurship. But longevity will depend on continually coming up with new ideas, from products to ways to market them to which audiences to target. Not all of these ideas will be winners. But having them is not optional.

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If you read the whole article, you’ll have seen that focus does fall into these 6 attributes. I’ve seen it with myself, with others – leaving our options open and doing too many things generally leads to nothing. Or it takes you to your goal more slowly than focusing on one task until successful. Which would be your top 3? Mine would have to be focus, conviction and drive..


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