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5 Ways To Focus When Working Online

Maintaining focus when you’re sat in front of your computer all day long can be challenging at the best of times – let alone when you’re working from home, online and alone. Here are 5 ways to focus when working online from ApartmentTherapy.com. As usual there are a few standard tricks, including using a timer, removing distracting websites and visual clutter. Something that caught my eye was putting your computer in “airplane mode”, meaning, going offline can be a massive time saver if you don’t need it all the time for work.

Ways To Focus When Working OnlineDisable distracting websites
The first and possibly easiest thing you can do to stay focused is disable the sites that you know distract you, especially if there are certain sites you need to access in order to work. Apartment Therapy, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter–disable them all! There are so many programs you can use for this, and most if them will allow you to set a timer for how long you want to go offline. Try SelfControl if you use a Mac,Leechblock if you’re looking for a Firefox extension, or StayFocused if you use Chrome.

Use a dedicated tool for browsing
This option is really only available if you have a secondary computing device, but it’s worth trying if you do. Whether it’s an iPad or a netbook, try doing all your work on your primary computer, and all your browsing on your secondary device. The mental jump to another device will make it a lot harder to procrastinate, as will blocking yourself entirely from browsing on your work computer.

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Which of these 5 ways to focus when working online do you most appreciate? I’m using StayFocused for Chrome – it’s handy. You can program in the sites  that you don’t want to be allowed to browse for too long, allocate maximum time allowed and then you won’t be able to access them without going through a painful release procedure. Possibly not the best use of the English language but you get what I mean!


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