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5 Ways To Focus On Your Creativity

How To Be Creative

Was Einstein a genius?

Every now and again I stumble across an article which is just pure brilliance. I’m fascinated by the subject of creativity as it’s one where a lot of people are led to believe that they either are, or are not creative. This could not be further from the truth. These 5 ways to focus on your creativity are from Psychology Today and I highly recommend a read. Why? The subject of genius is explained here – and the idea that each of us has our own genius is enlightening to say the least. As creativity expert, Sir Ken Robinson points out, we are all born creative, it’s just that most of us are educated out of our creativity..

You are a genius but probably don’t know it. Each of is born with a specific gift that exists nowhere else in all of creation. In ancient Rome, it was well understood that everyone had his or her own genius, or tutelary spirit, whose sole purpose is to inspire our lives and guide us to our unique destiny. This is a wisdom, alas, that we have forgotten.

Instead, we’re told that genius is miraculously rare (think Leonardo da Vinci or Stephen Hawking) and based on bizarrely high I.Q. In fact, genius has more to do with authenticity, courage, focus, and passion, than it has with psychological testing. Genius comes from your deepest self – the still small voice within – guiding you forward in mysterious ways that have little to do with conscious will and a lot to do with learning to listen.

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Einstein said “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with problems longer”. The 3rd point from these 5 ways to focus on your creativity was related to developing the skill of focus. In today’s world where multitasking is accepted as a way of life, this not only hinders our ability to focus on one task long enough to make a success of it, but sabotages our creative side. With creativity, whilst day dreaming and mind wandering are definitely required, so is the ability to develop focused attention. As you may be seen before, multitasking is not only ineffective but it has been proven to be damaging to our brains as well. For more ways to develop your creativity, check out this article called How To Be Creative.




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