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5 Tips To Recharge Your Willpower And Focus

Willpower is often a reason why people lose focus, as I have found myself many a time.  It’s all too easy when something gets difficult to lose the will to continue and try to find something that works better for you.  Here is a snippet of 5 tips to recharge your willpower and focus, according to Kelly Mcgonigal, directed at students but can be applicable to anyone.

5 Tips To Recharge your Willpower And Focus

Watch Some Reality TV

Willpower can be contagious. We don’t watch reality TV, but apparently watching reality TV shows about people overcoming obstacles and achieving goals can help you find your own strength. Just beware of some of the lowering-the-bar reality programs you may already watch, like Jersey Shore or one of the Real Housewivesflavors. Temptation is also contagious, which means you should steer clear of the programs that specialize in promoting spectacular lapses of judgment and self-control.

Caffeine gets a bad rap for things like energy crashes and jitters — especially when overused by college students who don’t get enough sleep or are pulling all-nighters because they procrastinated — but if you consume caffeine in reasonable doses it can actually reduce stress. Keep it to a cup or two of coffee or tea a day and you’ll stand a good chance of balancing your autonomic nervous system, which will help make you both calmer and more alert. For best results and to avoid a caffeine hangover, stay away from sugar, whipped cream, caramel toppings, and those 20-ounce cups from your local coffee shop.

Of these 5 tips to recharge your willpower and focus, I thought it was amusing that she suggest that watching Reality TV can improve your willpower.  It makes sense though, as you can develop admiration for the contestants who stick to something with laser sharp focus.  As she says though, steer clear of the Big Brother type programs or Made in Chelsea (UK) which drain your brain of intelligence in my opinion and couldn’t be more of a complete waste of time!

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