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3 Ways To Focus On Your Weight Loss Goals

If you’re one to struggle with weight loss, then these 3 ways to focus on your weight loss goals are definitely worth a read. I’ve excerpted the paragraph that caught my attention straight away, and that is digging deep to find out why you are wanting to lose the weight. This can be applied to anything, not just weight loss. Without understanding why you want to do something, you’ll struggle to focus and motivate yourself. This advice is written by Kelli Cooper for Medical Daily.com

3 Ways To Focus On Your Weight Loss Goals

Ways To Focus On Your Weight Loss GoalsGet Clear on Your ”Why”

Behind every decision we make, large and small, lays some perceived benefit. By doing said thing, we will feel better or get something we want. That is obvious, but we often fail to really gain deep clarity on why we want the things we want. I think of this deep clarity as the reasons behind the reasons. The more you examine why you want something, the more you will be motivated to get it. You will realize how important it is to you and you will make a commitment to getting it. Without a strong ”why”, we are unfocused; we lack motivation; we self-sabotage. Think of your reasons for weight loss and get detailed with the reasons behind those reasons.

If you want to have a nicer body, why? If you want to be able to do more things with your kids, why? If you want to be healthier, why? If you want to get off those medications, why? If you want to feel more confident, why?

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If you read all of the 3 ways to focus on your weight loss goals, you’ll have seen that managing stress plays a big part in it, as well as practicing forgiveness and thinking long-term. Once again stress rears its ugly head as it is detrimental to losing weight. What isn’t mentioned here though, is that stress causes your body to release the (stress) hormone, cortisol, which is believed to lead to the production of fat cells – exactly what you don’t want! Manage stress before it manages you!



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